Tyler Morton (CM) on loan at Hull City

For a reported 90m transfer fee.


Is he just not ready for the PL level then? Do we think he ever will be?

No and no.


Very rarely do the ones we loan out make it here long term. He’s about 6 months younger than Gravenberch and older than Elliott and yet he’s out for a second season in the Championship.

He’s not making it here.


We seem to have a long line of players that give hope for a season and then fade to obscurity… Brewster, Woodburn, Nico Williams, Ibe and so on - there are many more.

TAA (possibly Gomez?) is the only one that has made the transition recently. Going back a bit further there was of course Owen, Gerrard, McManaman and Fowler(?) that seem to come as a loose clutch but that was rare and I wonder if there was a reason for them emerging roughly together - chance or a change in coaching approach??

Jones. Bajcetic.

Our assembly line isn’t the best but it is pretty good.


Impress on loan and sell him for 7-9m.

He’s clearly not Liverpool material.

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Had we not gotten the work permit issues with awonyi , he would have been a good CF option for us.

The timing issues are a bitch as well

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Still a question mark over them for me. Jones definitely can be a regular but he need to see a voodoo priest to try and shake this injury thing he has going currently, while Bajcetic falls closer Tyler Morten than TAA or even Jones. Bajcetic still falls in the “has potential” category but if he cannot get some serious minutes this season, which means displacing one of the 3 new incomings, then the writing may be on the wall by the end of the season.

Bajcetic has a clear pass by the end of the season to be a dedicated CB starter. Thiago will leave. Endo is a stop gap.

Tyler is too frail for his age. He is as skinny as Bajcetic and Bajcetic is a couple of years younger than Morton.

That’s because we give chances to lots of players. Teams like Man City spend infinitely more on their academy but don’t let the kids play.


Woodburn had a horrific injury record, Ibe had a horrific personal tragedy, Neco is doing decent. Tyler himself got derailed by an injury last season.

It’s a long, hard way from academy to professional football.

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Yes he maybe too frail but I would have thought that the trainers/coaches/dietitians would have been on it. Anyway being frail (or slight) in and of itself isn’t necessarily a show stopper - players like McManaman, Crouch, Owen or Kante relied on other skill sets. Ultimately it is a combination of attributes that need to be cultivated and the clubs job to do so - not easily done.

I don’t like the idea that players who drop into the Championship have somehow failed, that’s a very very high level of football. There are only 500 registered PL players in any season - the rest have to find a job somewhere.


It wasn’t a cause and effect statement. I was just saying that he hasn’t bulked up.

Also, some players are just later bloomers. We constantly buy in players who at the age of 21, were playing in some obscure league somewhere. There’s no need to rush to judgement over a player so quickly.


I can’t see Morton making it at Liverpool level but there is a good footballer there and like Wilson he could easily end up for at a Fulham or someone.

Some would say Wilson has been a failure but to me that’s a pretty high level for a failure.


I was going to say that Morton will one day reach the levels of Wilson and Williams, and that’s a very credible achievement.