UEFA Europa League 2020-21

Here are the latest draw results:

I don’t expect to see any updates to this thread until the new year- and even then they should only be to take the piss out of Manchester United/Manchester City/Chelsea for finishing third in their Champions League group.

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What going on with his,group games,home and away games or one off ties?just had a brief look at the scores.a got a game on the telly not sure who’s playing yet…ah Napoli v Az and it’s group game! so ignore most of this shite then!!

Kemar Roofe scores from his own half for Rangers. Great goal.


Gerrard’s reaction…?

Particularly great goal considering it came as the clearing play after a Liege player whiffed on an open goal. From tight 1-0 to done at 2-0 in about 10 seconds.

Not the best week to be a Celtic fan.

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Flashes of Suarez.

This just in. Joe Hart has made three saves.

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Female ref in the Leicester City match. She’s speedy, too. I think she’d beat most PL refs in a foot race.

Breaking news. Joe Hart has made a fourth save. Moments away from a clean sheet. Can it really happen?

Well, 2020 is the strangest year on record…

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My goodness, the joy. Oh, to be in the town square of Shrewsbury at this moment. Watch your back, Hugo.

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Stéphanie Frappart. She was the ref when we won the UEFA Super Cup against the chavs last season.

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Napoli losing to AZ is perhaps the biggest upsets of this year’s Europa League.

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Nah; that would be Manchester United not being in it.


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Antwerp v tottingham just started on unimas,c’mon you reds!

goal Molde,

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and thanks again !

I always forget that the UEFA Europa League thread is the Creuyff Turn and not the Pitch-side, so not strange I can’t ever find it. For some reason, I automatically think Pitchside.

Took me a bit to find it and i posted in it a few hours back!

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