UEFA Europa League


no way will Real score against Alison,

keep the faith,

this seasons magic number is 7…

Feyenoord three up. Treble’s on.

7-1 FT. Feyenoord unbeaten in 20. Ajax on Sunday.

Gonçalves equaliser from the halfway line.


Sporting are player lovely football, a few players in that team I wouldn’t mind seeing in red.


Uff great save

Scratch that, it hit him in the face.


Save by Adan.

Just know I’m gonna regret tuning into this.

Alonso team doing well in Europa league. :clap:

Get in Adan!

:clap: :clap: Sporting!

“Champions of Europe…you’ll never sing that” :wink:

The arse are out ha ha

Happy with that. I want Arsenal focused in the league and Sporting are just fun to watch. Europa’s more entertaining than the CL anyway.

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Means that’s pretty much Man Utd to win.

Arsenal lucky that this was at home and they play at home again on Sunday.

Might still get difficult after the extra time tonight.

Come off it Matty lad, Onion Saint Gillwaaa gonna send these home next round.

Predicted Mourinho winning the Conference League last year and wouldn’t surprise me if he wins his second Europa League this season somehow.

Yep A blessing in disguise for Arsenal. :+1:

United v Sevilla
Juventus v Sporting
Leverkusen v St. Gilloise
Feyenoord v Roma

Juventus/Sporting v United/Sevilla

Feyenoord/Roma v Leverkusen/St. Gilloise

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Let’s go Xabi.

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Possible reunions with Pogba and Jose for Utd with that path. A couple of ex Utd players at Seville as well, plus City and Liverpool connections with Suso, Fernando and Navas

Let’s hope the Europa League specialists get through the next round. After that, I really don’t care.

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