UEFA Nations League

Is this thing more or less tinpot than what the FA Cup has become?

125 senior career goals for Ramos.

Cracking little goal by Ansu Fati, too, Sadio Manesque.

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Switzerland vs Germany has been a cracking game, the Swiss are really putting it on them. Should be a couple ahead but for some poor finishing.

Considering their relative lack of quality they’ve played some really good football.

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More than the FA Cup, but less than the League Cup

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Interesting formation by Germany. I wonder if Jogi Low plans to use Havertz behind Sane and Werner. Draxler is playing that role, perhaps backup to Kai, as the latter needed to complete his transfer. Sane recently said in an interview that he prefers playing off the right (the dynamics at Bayern will be interesting on both sides with Davies on the left and Bayern searching for a RB, as Kimmich moves more into midfield), but of course can and did play a lot on the left, too. Wing backs are always hard to find. I think 3 at the back could also suit Holland really well, but it seems like Robin Gosens is now definitely Germany’s option. We’ll see how good.

We already have a winner of the prestigious TAN Backhanded Compliment of the Year award.

Didn’t take long.


Just want to say I love my footy but I don’t know what the heck the Nations League is all about. Consequently I’ve filed under, “bunch of balls.”

International football for me is largely a big inconvenience, and I’m just waiting for our boys to come home safely.

The World Cup is a nice summer distraction, the Euros too for that matter, but the Nations League? Just seems like part of the wider effort to cram more games in and generate more revenue. I thought the timing of the international games, cramming them in the week between Community Shield and Prem Kick off, was ridiculous.


10 mins in Scotland down 1-nil already to a make shift Czech team,

TBH, as much as it pains me to say it,
I wish Robbo would just give international football,

does he actually get anything out of it?

Italy deservedly ahead 1-0 against the Dutch. Gini and Virg need to imagine it’s Klopp giving them hell at half-time and everything will work out.

Gini playing RW tonight in a 4-2-3-1, eh? Back to some of his old days when nobody knew what he was. Doubling up on Insigne to help out Hateboer behind him at RB? As Hans usually plays in a 3 at the back at Atalanta.

What Gini is, is Holland’s best player tonight.

EDIT for half an hour in the first half

Erling Haland is destroying Northern Ireland

Isn’t that Boris Johnson’s job?


Any chance Gini can come off now Mr Dutch trainer?

How poor must the Czechs be to lose at home to Scotland?

I have been telling that for a while now, the Dutch are not the same side as they were true the years. Results, not without luck, against France and Germany camouflaged a lot but especially upfront, the fullbacks and goalkeeper are nothing special. Depay, Prommes and Bergwijn are more interested in who has the latest tattoo, new rap or how cool they can look after scoring a goal than in winning the match.

Tonight, they played without their CB de Ligt and de Vrij and played Veltman who is a sorry excuse for a Centre half. Brighton was so stupid to take them on will be fun to watch them. :sunglasses:

The most of the danger in the first half came from Italy’s left side, Wijnaldum did his disappearing’s act.

I thought the Dutch trainer would have taken note of the 60 minute signal I was sending for Gini’s participation. Gini certainly decided an hour was enough…

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Home teams went 0-1-7 today. Yikes.

I think Holland is probably best suited playing 3 at the back. There’s genuine quality, depth and talent in that CB area. Midfield is pretty flexible and responsible, up top you always have pace and ability (though sometimes lacking winning mentality). Depay has found almost a new life as that false 9, there are a few target man strikers in backup roles, too. Wing backs might be an issue for playing that system. That’s why I asked who called up Robin Gosens, Germany or Holland. Any other options we don’t know about? I feel it’s the best way for them with this current generation.

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Northern Ireland hammered at home 1-5 by Norway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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