UEFA Nations League

So this whole circus of a competition resumes again from tonight at Hampden between the proud, not in the slightest bit bitter nor hanging off their 0-0 win against England at the Euros Scots against the proud durable hard fighting never giving up resistant warrior code mentality and spirit Ukrainians.

Live on ITV4 for anyone interested.


Well I suppose football is football.


Steve Clarke must be gutted he can’t run Andy Robertson into the ground for another 90 mins.


Patterson carried off on a stretcher, couldv’e easily been our Robbo…

Ehhh whom am I kiddin’, he’s not made of thin blue papershite.

Mudryk very talented kid.

Anybody even fractionally interested in this besides all our players coming home safely?

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I don’t even look up the results. As you say, the only concern is to see our players return in good health and form. Fingers crossed!

I got Venezuela vs. Iceland on TV. Why are they showing such a meaningless game? If they don’t have anything better, show some old stuff.

Why are you watching it?

I’m not. I turned on the TV and this shit popped up. They got Latvia vs. Moldova too. Oh joy.

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I guess when nothing else is on.

I’ve been thankful for the Baseball and Cricket in the evenings this week.

The fact it’s broadcasted on Premier Sports in the UK (England games aside) makes me want
to ignore and brush it aside.

Ultimately football is football and there are some interesting games out there with Croatia Denmark, Czechs v Portugal and Poland v Netherlands.

But as you say, once these fixtures are over and done with the main goal is to get everyone back rearing to go.

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Decent game in Zagreb last night, some good goals from Eriksen and Majer as well. Croatia top of the group now, didn’t see that coming when it started (also has to do with France having some disappointing results). Though I have no idea what the schedule is with so many freaking games, when’s the knockout stage of this thing, etc. But things are slowly looking better for us in the last two camps, Austria away next as chance to win the group, then next time a friendly as final preparation before the WC.

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Hungary has been pretty good since the European championship.

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Shame the leader of the country will probably treat it as some kind of white supremacy argument.

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Yeah, disgusting character/regime. I think one of their coaches made a homophobic comment too.

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I keep coming back to Croatia during these international breaks, just love their midfield. Croatia and Spain are two teams to watch just to see how their midfield play the game and control games.

Luka Modric…once again just sensational. For me, by far the best player on the pitch against Denmark, and probably still the best midfielder around - along with De Bruyne.

Yeah, that trio with Brozovic, Modric and Kovacic is probably at it’s combined peak right now with their club form, status, experience and everything.

I also agree that if you made a world XI right now (and looking back at the last few years) the first two #8’s that come to mind as the outstanding candidates are Bruyne and Modric.

Oh yes, they’re both in my XI. The third midfield spot is up for debate :grin:

Premier League No GIF by Liverpool FC


You know me so well… :heart: