UEFA Nations League

Jota scored the 4th goal for Portugal in 0-4 win, he came on in the 67th minute for Leao Ronaldo with the assist.


Good to hear & hopefully he came away unscathed which is the most important.

Had a tough last 6 months or so has Jota, but people forget how good he was before that. 2nd half of that 20/21 season when he first joined and the first 6 months of last season he was arguably the best forward in the league other than Kane.

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He was to be honest the reason why we were able to go for four cups as his January was brilliant and meant we hardly missed Salah and Mane.

VVD scored.

Must be nice to head it past “I’m not respected in England Courtois”.

Dear god, more games tonight

Happy Premier League GIF by Prime Video

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Norway 0-1 Serbia at half time. Excellent goal. Tadic with a delicious little through ball, Kostic with the cut-back, Vlahovic finish.

Serbia need the win to top the group, we need a draw. Norway are a bit like England (obviously with worse players), not particularly good at building from the back and constructing attacks that way. Need to either hit opponents on the break or be aggressive. So with Serbia getting the first goal, I’m not super optimistic about this.


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Wonder what Klopp thinks about Colombia playing tonight in a friendly…

Brazil are as well. In fact I’m not sure why they are playing two friendlies so late into a 2 week break.

Why would Klopp care?

When this tournament first started I intrigued by the idea. Qualifying for the quadrennial tournaments has become ridiculous consisting of sometimes only two meaningful games that the opportunity for something more valuable was interesting. What is this though, only the third version? Already Im completely over it. I was reading a summary from Dale Johnson on Twitter of the implications of the results and it was just so convoluted that I zoned out. I think the idea is interesting, but needs a bit of a conceptual overhaul.

Nations League is a stupid tournament. It just institutionalizes more games and more money.

It could have been a tournament for the second-tier countries (like EL or ECL) or the qualification tournament for Euro or World Cup.

that’s the smartest idea I’ve read in ages. have it two years offset from the World Cup and let the two finalists earn berths

Well I like this League.

I never would watch “friendlies” but now will. Judging by some of the crowds and players reaction I reckon there is more meaning.

And Ronaldo can’t pad up his goal stats by playing the easybeats.


22/23 Nations League SF draw:

Spain - Italy
Croatia - Netherlands