UK Politics Thread (Part 2)

If you can sniffing your own balls surely is the best way forward.

I don’t know why ‘deliberate devaluation’ isn’t the major concern in all these discussions. It’s obvious that this is the strategy. I don’t know why the UK depends so heavily on this tool but it is the go to and it’s frightening. When you live in a country that produces nothing but pork pies this strategy should be a major worry. I know it decreases consumer confidence so people stop spending but that doesn’t mean they are saving it’s just they can not afford as much, surely!


Here we go, fucking laughable and how the UK public lap it up every time, what a bunch of plonkers!

You haven’t concidered the scale, that’s peanuts just wait a week!

Ok your knickers will dry on a solar panel but a windmill is so much better dries them in less than half the time.

You could have lived in France when the UK was in the EU. No visa requirement and concsidered communist by many in the UK and Dutch! :joy:

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Then you have! :joy:

We seem to have found the last person in the UK who believes in trickle down economics, and made them Prime Minister.

I’m still sticking to my theory that this Conservative Party know they are losing the next election, don’t particularly want to win it, and are a) making everything as shit for Labour as they can so they can pin the blame on them in six years time, and b) suck as much money out of the economy as they can for themselves and their mates.

They always do that anyway.




And there’s the insider dealing for you:

Well known mate of the Chancellor.

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I’m wondering about something: is the word “Conservative” still appropriate for this party? It seems to me that they’ve used more and more textbook neocon economics. This has nothing to do anymore with traditional conservative principles.

I think that the word doesn’t match reality at all, these people are in fact revolutionaries. Their aim is to take away general wealth in order to funnel it towards the most prosperous part of society. “Ultra-right Party” or “Neoconservative Party” would be more telling, and in time, if systemically applied by the opposition, would maybe also lead to people reassessing the way of how they vote.


I asked @Limiescouse a question in the Queen Elizabeth thread concerning a comment he made on Celtic supporters disrespecting the commemorative pieces for the Queen during matches.

He refers to Celtic supporters cultural links to Ireland and the Irish, and states that the dusrespect goes beyond the more straightforward Scottish issue.

I asked him to elaborate on this twice without reply, and maybe this is a more suitable place?
To be honest the comment has puzzled me, and there is a rational for making it?

I dont know if I am on ignore as we had the odd disagreement, but if not I am still asking, as I feel there is more to the comment?

Over to you @Limiescouse

This only sounds overly cynical if you start with the premise that their vision for government is doing what is in the greatest good for the country by doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. If you drop that pretense and replace it with a vision of using power to consolidate power and resources among the elite, their mates, then fucking over the country on their way out of the door as a strategy to stay in opposition for as short a time as possible is actually the sensible tactic.


I’m not sure what the context of the original comment was but the Celtic-Rangers dynamic has a strong sectarian element to it and this is far stronger than anything related to Scottish nationalism (other than the UK was created for reasons of religious discrimination).

Typically Celtic’s support was from the Catholic community and Rangers was almost exclusively Protestant.

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I understand the sectarian or pseudo sectarian element.
I am just unsure why the comment was made, particularly regarding the “more straightforward Scottish issue”
More straightforward than what?

Oh, I see. I’m not entirely sure of the original conversation.

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Not even traditional neocon. Reagan’s tax cuts were driven by the Laffer curve thinking, trickle-down, etc., but were tightly connected to strong monetary policy (in particular, the rational expectations school reacting to the 1970’s failure of Keynesian policy). I noted that Truss appears to be the first right wing adherent to Modern Monetary Policy, which is a very different underpinning for the trickle-down tax cuts.