UK Politics Thread (Part 2)

There’s decisions to be made on whether they would be in danger or a danger to others.

Not such an easy decision now, but in no way should it detract from the seriousness of the crime they committed

Double rape and you’re asking if they’re a danger?

Twilight zone.

By the way, the use of draconian measures to deal with crime, as you advocate, is hardly a new idea. In fact, it has been the norm throughout history and is still commonplace today.
If you wish to live in a society where criminals are dealt with in harsh and brutal ways, there are a number of options for you to consider; Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea spring to mind.

They might spring to your mind, I’d like a little more stick and far less carrot here.

Toru Ueda from Tokyo no longer feels human - with a desire to discard human relationships.
I wonder what kind of jail they will throw him in if he ever commits a crime…!!

There is a huge difference between that and dismemberment.

Calling for amputation and stoning puts you on a par with the more vehement Mullahs.


He’ll certainly be in the doghouse.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be here all week.

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So does breathing and eating crisps. Your point?

So a judge has no responsibilities when sentencing someone to prison?

Think about what you’re saying for just a small moment


The point is for all your calls for brutal revenge based criminal justice, state executions and bolt guns, we know what countries with those kind of justice systems stem look like, and you wouldn’t want to live there.

At some point in your life you could be accused of rape. You could be totally innocent, and find yourself standing in front of a court trying desperately to prove your innocence. On that day, you will be very, very, very grateful that wet liberals like me have stopped us bolt gunning rapists.


You rape somebody, you lose the right to have anybody consider you with compassion.

Bolt gun or 30 years being brutally gang raped. I’ll take the wall and cigarette option please.

Have you ever considered moving to Afghanistan?


What about other people you may encounter while in prison? Guards, other inmates, other staff etc? I suppose we should ignore them just because…

It’s not about compassion, it’s about understanding and mitigating risks.


This goes to the heart of what we believe the purpose of criminal justice is.

I believe that the states role is to a) keep the public safe b) rehabilitate offenders. You believe the state should use criminal justice as a) a deterrent b) a punishment.

In my worldview the state’s duty to extend compassion to it’s citizens does not end when they have committed a crime. I agree with the old maxim that the true mark of civility is how the state treats it most wretched and deplorable. If you can extend compassion to those people whom all your base instincts are saying don’t deserve it, then you are truly civilised.

As far as your view goes, the main problem with it is that it basically doesn’t work. Harsh sentencing only leads to further reoffending and career criminality. It isn’t called the University of Crime for nothing.

So wherever you are between liberalism and authoritarianism, I think you have a duty towards pragmatism. If something isn’t working and it’s by every measure making it worse, stop doing it.

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Absofuckinglutely, Stick not carrot.

And it doesn’t work.


Sadly Australia is now inhabited so we don’t have somewhere to ship scumbags to. You want to re-educate and treat, hand me the flamethrower. The difference is that my solution works. This is a double rape BTW.

I’ll just throw you some Terry. Mr Trooper is the hangman. Moist is the hero:

Do you really think all this deters crime, Mr. Trooper?" he said.

“Well, in the generality of things I’d say it’s hard to tell, given that it’s hard to find evidence of crimes not committed,” said the hangman, giving the trapdoor a final rattle. “But in the specificality, sir, I’d say it’s very efficacious.”

“Meaning what?” said Moist.

“Meaning I’ve never seen someone up here more’n once, sir. Shall we go?”

So why not put all the shit house murdering raping scum in a big prison and leave them to it? Why should you or I pay £40k per year to accommodate them? Ah, their human rights.

They lost them when the acted below the base of humanity.