UK Politics Thread (Part 3)

Sorry- I meant China.

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Aussies do that as well.

Pot. Kettle

Yes, but we were founded by convicts, so it’s in our dna.

What’s Canada’s excuse?

We were ruled for a long time by the English, and you know how they are


Clearly a perfectly delivered docudrama. No idea why they put that silly fake laughter all over it.

Wasnt produced by Man City was it?

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I’d love to know which one of you at the mod/admin meetings “wears the captain’s hat”…

My money is on @Nikola.

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In November I was getting chest pains during exercise. I went to see the GP and the next day I was having an ECG with a heart consultant. The next week I was having a heart and lung scan and was then referred for a full coronary ct angiogram the following week. I had two stents put in immediately following that procedure.

This is almost beyond belief to me ;


Glad you’re ok!


It might sound a bit clichéd , but it’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Following the procedure I did a month’s worth (everyday) of cardio-rehab and have since lost ten kilos and lost the residual pain that a lot of heart patients complain of.

Side note: Without insurance the cost of my care (in France) would have been 3000 Euros. Out of curiosity I looked at how much it would have cost in the US … upwards of $20,000 ! :astonished:


Quite like this…


Good that the issue was discovered and dealt with.

Wait a year? Just curious, that’s under NHS…is there like a differentiation between NHS and say private hospitals where people who can afford pay to get immediate health care? Or is there even such a thing?

I think I’ve read somewhere not too long ago that even in private healthcare, because of the dire situation of the NHS, there’s so much demand that there are waiting lists.

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My missus has very aggressive glaucoma.
The consultant ophthalmologist she’s been with for years is a first class professional and very thorough individual.

She’s had all the eye drops and surgical procedures available.
Her eye pressures are controlled very well now as a result of this.

Unfortunately, she’s just been diagnosed severely sight impaired (blind).

Her consultant told her recently that Covid robbed her of her sight, due to routine check ups not being performed during the pandemic, and the acceleration of the condition not being picked up during this period.

Bad as that is, its even more awful for the poor people who went through similar experiences, but with life threatening conditions :sleepy:


I think good healthcare is one of the hallmarks of an effective government and if people with heart disease has to wait a year, then it largely falls onto the government. It’s shameful for the citizens who have to suffer and wait.

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The level of care provided in the main is excellent. The issue is there’s not enough of it or people cant get into it quickly enough.

Private does not equate to better, just quicker in general.

Proper sad state of affairs before we get into the state of the buildings, no. of beds, ambulance services, general health monitoring and so on.

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You missed attitude of younger generation staff.
Was shocked at how bad it was when the missus spent a week in hospital 18 months ago

Jesus Christ, the state of the nasty, judgemental, misogynistic, poverty shaming in that thread. What a horrible hive of incel turds Twitter is.

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