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“If the top 800 companies in the US paid their fair share of tax, nobody else would have to pay a cent” - Warren Buffet (last week).


You wouldn’t. Failure to pay taxes in isolation from other crimes very rarely result in criminal prosecution and even more rarely jail time. You would be far more likely simply required to pay them, with penalties and interest, just as Hunter already did 5 years ago. See high profile example here

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But you’re not angry about Trump paying zero taxes for years on end and stiffing the IRS for over $100m. How does that work ?


I think if any regular Joe blow don’t pay 4 years of taxes, yes, you’d be fined heavy, a felon and in jail/prison. You do the crime, you do the time! That’s all I’m advocating for. Then you add the gun charges, the drugs, being on boards he shouldn’t be, making millions off painting my 4 year old could paint better…cmon man.

I’m with you @LuisSuarez, if you do a crime you should do the time. White collar crime has been overlooked in this country (and every country to be fair) for far too long. Glad to see two very high profile people being found guilty of crimes that they have committed recently, long may it continue.

Mind you I also think every billionaire is a criminal just in the fact of existing, so there is that.

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Well, that doesn’t bode well for this actual public figure as opposed to the private citizen you have a hard on over

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Yes, I’m pissed about Trump not paying his taxes as well. But we’re not talking about him, you guys do that enough on this forum. I’m just glad a lot of the shady stuff these politicians and their family members do and get away with, is finally starting to get more attention.

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Sorry, I meant to type “illegally buying a gun”.

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But then he also claims he has a “special relationship” with MIT, which is some alleged uncle who allegedly went to MIT.

MIT must have shuddered.


The impacts are:

  • MAGA people will get wound up because it means [things] about Biden
  • MAGA people will also get wound up because this was just a show trial with Joe setting Hunter up as a sacrifice so they could trick people into thinking the conviction against Trump was the result of a just legal system
  • The press will cover it incessantly trying to make it into a story that it isnt, but forcing it be so due to their coverage of it
  • Anti-Trump, pro-establishment people will fall over themselves to paint this as evidence that the system works and is not politicized, despite this entire prosecution being a deeply dirty and political one from the get go…a bent Trump AG appointing a fellow lacky to investigate open ended accusations against the son of a political opponent with the intention of finding something they can pretend gave substance to the “big guy, Biden Crime Family” narrative they had already committed to. This was an investigation that after 4 years found nothing more than something Hunter was able to plea out on, but after political interference from House Republicans the judge rejected the plea deal and forced the prosecutors to trial on charges he was undeniably guilty of, but very rarely result in trials. All the while the investigation was cultivating a Russian asset they knew was problematic, but were willing to pretend they believed if he gave them the dish on Joe Biden that the investigation was initiated to find, a move that ultimately blew up with the asset being charged for perjury for the lies he told to prosecutors with ample evidence that those in the Weiss investigation knew it to be bullshit.

This was not a day that demonstrated the unimpeachability of the justice system. It was in fact Trump’s first real win in how to weaponize the justice system against his enemies, even if the result was not entirely what they were hoping for, and the inability of people to clearly say that at a time when they are having to fend of Trump’s baseless complaints about the DoJ’s treatment of him is a stark illustration of the damage he continues to cause to the fabric of the country.


What I take from the Hunter Biden conviction is that it’s too easy to buy a gun while being a drug addict. Should be some sort of advanced background check to buy guns, that’d take care of people lying on their forms.

Given that around 70% of Americans support increased background checks on gun purchases I’m sure this is the unifying moment in American politics we have all been looking for. Excited to see the Republicans finally join the good fight.


So good.

Good point. Also relevant that the gun store owner, knowing who Hunter was, knowingly filled out the form incorrectly to get him out of the store ASAP and expedite the sale, which is just as much of an offense as what Hunter was charged with.

It seems a background check where such fuckery can occur so easily is not fit for purpose and needs to be bolstered, maybe by more proactive Federal agency involvement. If we cannot have known addicts owning guns then we clearly need to bolster the process.


One of the best most straight to the point takes on why big business has got back on board the Trump train, and this from a guy whose day job is to talk about sports


I would also be comfortable saying that if I were a billionaire business owner and 200 years old.

As I always said, billionaires do not become that by being saints. All of them had evaded taxes in one way or another, exploited loopholes. The argument for them is always their businesses contributed alot more in taxes and created jobs. But for alot of them who paid zero personal taxes, are just greedy.

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Should really just stop there. People shouldn’t be buying guns, full stop!


Your failure to understand the point ensures you’ll never even get close, douche.

Crap. Very few billionaires evade tax. They structure themselves to minimise it but that’s what most individuals do. It’s the tax code that needs to change.
Also, in my personal experiences, billionaires can be upstanding people who do a lot of good.

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I’m trying to think of whether I have personally met a billionaire. I may have bumped into a few in the course of work. I think the perception is that they are all like Scrooge McDuck but there are a fair few that turn their hand to philanthropy - presumably after discovering that having any more wealth than enough doesn’t, in itself, create happiness.

How many are offering to pay more tax, though? Probably more than we imagine:

Presumably, it is the other quarter who expect the world to dance to their tune?