US Election 2024

Biden’s administration has arrested more people crossing the border than any other administration.

  • Yeah, it’s crazy. You tell everyone the boarders are open, we will give you free shelter for 90 days, free debit cards, take you to whatever city you want to go to, etc etc…then once it becomes a major talking point, you start to “arrest” them to claim we are taking it seriously.

Democrats are taking it seriously, they just don’t also use those people as pawns in political games by labelling them as criminals, rapists and murderers here to eliminate the white race.

  • Yes, NOW they are. You don’t care when these illegals come across the boarder because Texas has to deal with them. But once they start to get bused/flown to your “sanctuary” state and see what a mess it is, you take it seriously. Also, all of these major sanctuary cities are heavily black populated. The black community is starting to express their disapproval on all these illegals, so yes, now you start to care.
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Rhetoric utterly detached from reality. Deportations will always be closely linked to attempts to cross the border, and so perceptions that a Biden admin would have weaker enforcement than a Trump one did encourage a big surge in border crossing attempts, but the adminstration was clear that would not happen, that they would be turned back

and then started enforcing deportations of illegal crossing immediately

Yes sure, Im just a mean old Dem who cannot tolerate differences of opinion, but you two could do your part and stop drinking from the firehouse of misinformation of where ever it is you get your news from so you show up in these conversations with information approximating the real world.



What I find so fascinating about people inclined to be favourable towards Trump is they are in large because they are tired of politicians always lying and being in it for themselves. Yet they latch on to a guy who talks out of both sides of his mouth on all issues, often in consecutive sentences, making no attempt to reconcile his internal inconsistency, and people will then just pick up on the version that best suits their internal narrative on why Trump isnt that bad and accept that as the truth.

Trump has a track record on abortion from his first term that has produced a catastrophic loss of access to reproductive healthcare all across the country. His entire campaign is intimately intertwined with the project 2025 plan that is clear it wants to make the matter even more strict. He speaks repeatedly about post birth abortions which is absolutely not a thing, and wanting to criminalize women and doctors. Any candidate with that around their neck who wanted to moderate on the issue should be required to do far more than make a couple of throw away statements.

If during his first term Trump enabled the institution of policies based on the understanding the world was flat and frequently spoke about punishing round earthers, but then yesterday said one line about the world being round, and made no attempt to explain his turn around, would you take that seriously? Would you take anyone seriously who did?


What about illegals from Venezuela, China, Haiti, Africa, etc etc… “Do not come to US” wink wink. But if you do come, we will let you in and provide you with everything you need. Who cares about the disabled vets on the streets or the homeless in general. If she and the administration really meant that, things would not be as bad as they are now in some of these cities. I believe in immigration, however, if you come over illegally, you should be sent back. You are just spitting on the faces of immigrants who did it the correct way.

Again, I am having a conversation with you guys, must who don’t actually live here in the United States. You only listen and hear to what THEY want you to hear. You don’t understand the struggle of the inflation for gas, groceries, interest rates, restaurants, etc etc…There’s plenty of independent news coverage on YouTube that cover everything.

The standard Trump information cycle


  • Says one comment about Obama being not that bad, that no one is meant to take seriously
  • 15 minute diatribe about how awful he he and how he really should be in jail for his crimes [no actual crimes are cited and no evidence is presented supporting the claims of criminalty] and “jokes” that in some countries he’d be executed for them
  • bookends with comment that Obama isnt that bad

Wapo and NYT
Trump moderates position towards Obama

Trump the brave statesman attempt to heal county’s rifts by gesturing towards Obama [inserts subtext that we know he is still a muslim communist pedo]

Trump fans
God, fuck that Obama. He SHOULD be in jail or executed

Normal People
Holy shit, that was deranged. I cannot believe he is a major party nominee with a possibility of getting back into office

Trump fans
OMG, why do you always believe the media’s lies about Trump. He clearly said “obama wasnt that bad” [ignores the rest of the diatribe and pretends it didnt happen only long enough for the normal person to go away for them to go back to fantasizing about Obama being jailed, just as Trump told them he wanted to make happen]


I am an immigrant who did it the “right way”. The way that was required of me is nothing at all like the “right way” that is available for the people coming across the southern border. As an immigrant, now naturalized citizen, I am well aware that the two situations are not remotely comparable. Not only I do not feel resentful about them doing what they feel they need to do, the awfulness of my experience in what should have been the simplest case (brit with a qualifying job offer in academia, where the standards are very easy to demonstrate) - the ridiculously absurd inefficient bureaucracy, the ridiculous timelines, the needless repeated embassy visits only to confirm details already included in the forms they’ve had for months - it makes me incredibly sympathetic to people having to go through an even more over-burdened part of the immigration system.

So ignore what the administration did say, and instead just make up allusions to what they were really signaling and somehow make that reconcile with their record on deportation that says the exact opposite (or just ignore the actual data)?

I genuinely dont understand that segue, but if one is concerned about veterans or social safety nets then Project 2025 will be of interest to you.

The blog and podcast era has enabled a fantastic emergence of independent news outlets, but for every valuable independent source that has emerged there are 100 that are terrible and make you actively less informed from engaging with them. Choose your sources wisely, and I’ve said a few times, once you have been treated as a mark by your preferred news sources I cannot comprehend going back to them when they clearly think so little of me as a consumer.


This conversation sounds remarkably like how the uk has operated over the last 8-10 years.

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It’s just a cold


There was a behind the scenes tell about the Apprentice published a few months ago. In interviews with the writer, Trump told the guy repeatedly that Joan Rivers voted for him in the election. He never said which election, but Joan Rivers died in 2015.

For whatever reason, Trump is allowed to be a rambling nutcase, but Biden isn’t.
However, having a candidate who can string a sentence together would bring Trump’s gaffes into focus. At the moment the narrative is that they’re as bad as each other.


I’ll think you’ll find a very strong correlation between science denial, mob mentality, and Trump supporters. You will probably find a correlation similar with Tory supporters.

How do you reason with people that live life based on fear and hate and not facts? You can’t.

It’s not worth thinking that both candidates are held to the same standard as that will never happen in the world we are living in now.


That press conference was…ughhhh…sad/awful/shocking/interesting. I want to feel bad for the guy but I can’t.

He introduces Zelenskyy as Putin. Calls Vice President Harris Trump. You made this bed, now, now lie in it. Looking forward to morning Joe tomorrow.

Hopefully it all culminates in a new leader, who will take the fight to Trump and the fascists.


I’m kind of relieved he’s made two mistakes like this now. Because it means his family might actually drop the selfishness and do what’s right to ensure Trump is at least challenged. There’s surely no coming back after today and they can’t blame a cold or travel on it.

Get an actual challenger to that cunt ffs.

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That was a fun read. Thanks.

Never heard of the dude but in summary all 74 million trump voters are religious/white male racists. The world will end if Trump gets in.

Ironically Joe is attracting more attention as the laughing stock right now.

Not really. The problem with such a conclusion is that studies and books like these explain a trend, not the individual.


I feel like I’m watching a multi car pile up in slow motion with the US election at the moment.

It should be a time for consolidating strength, or at its worst a reset and new hope. It looks like none of those from my remote perspective.

There needs to be an intervention. It may be that Jill is the key to this situation. Surely she can’t stand by and watch her husband publicly disintegrate.

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