US Reds - South of 49th

Creating this thread for my neighbours from the south of 49th Parallel North. It’s not all about TV Schedules. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like there are more of US Reds now according to Morning Consult survey. (No idea who they are).


That’s how I know Americans, they switch teams like they change a shirt.

I’m sorry I should have said “some” Americans, especially around DC … :laughing:

A lad who I know (a gooner) visited New York. He and his Mrs went to a bar to watch Utd play Chelsea on the Monday Night Football show. Nobody in there was wearing team colours but were all intently watching the screens. Gooner mate didn’t know if they were Chelsea or Man U fans. He thought he had his answer when Utd scored and the whole bar cheered. Only to be confused again when Chelsea equalised and the whole bar cheered again?

I mean there’s switching teams, but mid game?


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I generally hate sports coverage in the US. I try to explain it to friends but cannot find the words to explain what is so bad about it, but Im watching the golden League final on NBC now and it’s awful

Women’s Steeplechase - only 8 women have ever run under 9 minutes and 6 are in this race. These are the women to watch today (2 Africans with sub 9 women seasons best, and 3 americans who are half a lap slower)

Men’s 400M hurdles - theres a brazilian runner who is clearly favoured. We start the race with a discussion on his facial scarring. By about half way round we’re talking about his improvement in his flat speed. By the finishing straight we’re talling about how he switched his training schedule to US pacific time zone for the recent world championships. And entire 45 second race elapsed with no commentary on the race and instead talking about stuff that if it was important should have been discussed before hand in the build up.

I cant place my finger on precisely why it’s so bad, but even watching to coverage feels not much different than reading the results on the internet.

Women’s Javelin - the now presumed winner just threw her winning attempt before they stopped talking about her husband’s athletic career and how this might be her final season.

The actual performance and competition is secondary to their pre-planned talking points. I get the feeling that a gunman could enter the stadium and start taking people out and they would continue through their pre-planned talking points before considering if they should comment on what is happneing on your screen