US Reds - TV Schedule

So what the hell is the deal this year? Is it primarily Peacock with only select games on NBCSN and NBC? Is it the free peacock or the paid version? I should know, but the app is utterly horseshit and I cannot find the information.

Best I can tell, Peacock will essentially be gold rebranded, but with higher concentration of games this year (for epl, no idea what else is on offer).

3 games on nbc sports, Liverpool on NBC, the rest on peacock this weekend I think.

Any and all replays on demand on peacock.

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Is it the free peacock or the premium version though?

And this is BS anyway as peacock is not available on my Roku TV nor my firestick. So I think Im going to be stuck trying to watch the games on my phone.

I think the cheaper premium? I think there is paid one with adverts for cheaper, and a more expensive one without adverts. I think either would do, but I don’t think it’s on the free one. There is a free one month membership I think to check it out before buying anything.

Edit: I’m in same boat though, looks like I’m watching on my phone.

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God, what a bunch of shitbags.

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If I get NBCSN games via a Fubo subscription, I assume that will cover most of our games due to popularity, correct?

I think it is likely to work the other way now…using popular clubs and anticipated games to drive people to peacock.

But it looks like at least through the first week all the games are on either NBCSN, NBC or free peacock.

I think this is regional and not applicable generically for all of US.

  • Peacock+ = nbcgold
  • Peacock+ is $5 but if you have xfinity it’s included.
  • Amazon has some games
  • Espn+ has fa + carabo and I think CL games, bleacher had been my previous option
  • Sling blue @$30 has nbcsn but appears to have lost nbc, so accessing a number of games via the browser option didn’t work later in the year with a rights message
  • Fubo instead of sling but costs $60, has sn + nbc

Ideally all on one channel would be my preference.

Pretty sure the amazon games are only across the pond… I believe NBC has exclusive rights to the EPL in the US.

It’ll be similar to the last few years just with NBC replacing gold with peacock. I am sure there will be 2-4 Liverpool matches on Peacock just to make you think real hard about paying the $5/month when those matches show up. I have xfinity so this year wont be an issue for me thankfully.

Turner owns CL rights for 2020-21. CBS and their streaming platforms will be the primary location for this year’s tournament.

What a shit show

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NBC loses that soon too, next year or one after that so could be even worse.

What I don’t get is if we’re still paying for the same TV as last year why are clubs paying back TV viewing rights?

So I was emailed a 3 month free code for being an andriod google user for peacock, I redeemed the code, but still can’t watch the arsenal game on peacock because it’s being shown on NBC sports. I don’t have a cable log in currently. This really sucks. Gotta hit the family up i guess :sweat_smile: :sleepy:

I’m going to get sling blue again @30 per month. Those games on nbc I can’t access get recorded as I understand it on peacock premium, so I’ll just watch them later in the day and watch another match on SN. I have xfinity wifi so get peacock at no cost.

I’m not liking peacock, its hard to nabigate, see no way to watch recorded games. No listing on that on the site from what I can see. Gold was way easier to use.

Can’t see NBC on there, highly unlikely I can get it via sling on the browser, or xfinity so unless I drop 60 on fubo each month I’m screwed.

Yeah, peacock is shit. It’s interface is designed for a netflix type static library, not for live events so it’s really difficult to find what they’re showing and when. And Im pretty sure it’s live with no recording possible or replays.

I switched from cable to youtube TV about 6 months and that is spectacular. I just just set liverpool fc as a favourite and it will record every single on every station that includes that tag. The contrast between that then having to go to peacock to see if they are showing the scheduled games that arent showing up on my youtube tv schedule is incredible and frustrating.

Also, Im not seeing any sort of goal zone or match of the day scheduled on NBCSN for the next couple of weeks so I assume they are moving all of that to peacock, but again I cannot find it.

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Whole point of being a cable cutter is to get out of this bundling and tv package shite. I would jump onto Sling watch the soccer over the weekend and logoff. Never really watched anything else. Now I’m getting priced into a bunch of crap I don’t want. Very frustrating.

I was at $250 a month before I cut. I immediately got that down to to about $130 with just internet and youtubeTV, but it’s creeping back up now. Youtube TV just bumped their base price because they added NFL network, which is completely irrelevant to me. I added HBO again, and I’ve intermittently got ESPN and CBS all access for cup and CL games. If I add peacock premium it’s going to be pushing back towards $200.

Jesus. Yep I never subscribed to any of that. I’m moaning at paying 60 for wifi + 30 for sling!

I’m assuming you can’t get all LFC related games on YouTube which is why you were looking at Peacock?

It’s basically just a way to get cable stations, so if NBC/NBCSN arent showing the game then it’s not going to be on YoutubeTV