Volunteers needed to test new host

I upgraded the forum today and tried transferring to a new host. Unfortunately when users started to log on this morning the site became very very slow. I am trying to figure out why. I have reverted the site back to the original host but I would appreciate some help troubleshooting.

At half time during the Ajax game, and then later at full time I would appreciate if users could try logging in and browsing our mirror site (opening random pages). So that I get multiple simultaneous users for which I can create a log (and trace back the issue)

The website is hosted at

Its an exact mirror of the site as of yesterday (but with new feature updates).

Fingers crossed I will have fixed the problem (and can transfer the site over), but if not it will provide me lots of information to try solve it.


Sure, count me in.

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I’ll give it a go.

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Happy to give it a go - if I remember

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If you want to make it worse and possibly break it then give us a shout.


(That means I am in…)


Brillant :+1: thanks guys. I will remind everyone at half time.

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If its OK I’ll decline… As you know I’m not very technical…I’ll leave it to the technically minded people…I’ll keep watching…

@ISMF1 Quck question, Are we just visiting and checking different pages or do you want us to post as well?

Also, does the type of device we use matter?

If you could log in and browse :slight_smile: Thats the main thing.

Happy to post random junk messages too.


I’m on it, tried logging in but it just hangs so just browsing through.

Edit: managed to get on

In the whole context of the pandemic, the title of this thread…made us sound like…vaccines.

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Thanks everyone for testing :slight_smile:

Really helpful. - If everyone could post their issues/errors in here that would be great.

Also good to know if you didnt have any issues.

Only issue I had was some notifications not coming through for likes/replies.

The rest of it was all smooth sailing

Good win,

But while everyone is here, could people please log onto our mirror site to stress test lots of users


I have upgraded server, and made some changes since half time.

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bump :slight_smile: more people needed

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More people needed

Thanks everyone I think I have enough data. The changes I made seem to have worked. :crossed_fingers:


@SBYM was posting his best stuff on the other site. Absolute gold.