Wataru ENDO: 2023/24

International breaks always come at the wrong time.

This guy must be asking himself, do I always play with 10 against 11 … :joy:

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Wonder why he got dropped for today.

Because Curtis was back from injury and he’s a new player bedding in. Thought he did well when he came on.


Link to his blog in which he analyses his performances etc.




Not unimportant, he and his team mates beat Germany 1-4 :+1:


He’s still shit. He didn’t cost Β£100m.



he isn’t shit. Germany have become a shit football team.

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Shame :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone had posted this. I did watch the game last night and kept an eye on Endo. He rather reminded me of a Jack Russell terrier that was determined that, under no circumstances, the postie would be allowed to deliver a parcel. None shall pass!


If he can replicate those sort of performances for the club, he’ll win over people quickly.

We have lacked a fighter like that for years.


Doubt he’ll play all that much until we get a few injuries in midfield. Maybe a few minutes off the bench to see a game out.

Can’t imagine he’ll be getting picked when the likes of Jones and Thiago are available, and hopefully Gravenberch can reach that sort of level too.

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What would the point of signing a 30-year-old to a 4 year contract be then?

Should have clarified, the more important games. I’m sure he’ll be rotated in for domestic cups/EL group stages.

Would be amazed if he’s starting many league games considering the quality we have available.

I would have thought the exact opposite, surely? Since he’s supposedly our most defensively-minded midfielder, we’d use him in the games when we need the control more than anything else…

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Style is one thing, quality is another.

Are we really going to have Endo on the pitch with Jones, Thiago, Baj, Elliot, Gravenberch on the bench?

Mac Allister is probably first choice 6. If he’s not available, perhaps Endo gets a chance. Until then, can’t see it.