Welcome to the Metaverse nahh the TANverse

Hey guys,

you might have noticed the little chat bubble at the top of your screen. Live chat, with live chat rooms.

Its all about keeping us more connected. Its a bit of an experiment for now. Take a look, say hello :wink:

If we like it, we can start using it on match days. You can set up you own private chat groups, what ever.


See it being handy for in match chat.

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What does this mean for matchday threads? :exploding_head: :disappointed_relieved:

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Now that you brought it up, it seems that ISMF has already scheduled a zoom call and will be calling you, @Kopstar and @Iftikhar in and inform you 3 of the impending redundancies …

The end of the world as we know it.

It’s just an experiment, we have no idea how well it will work. Very much a beta. The chat software is very new. No one has used it before on a live forum. :wink:

Current thinking (if it works well) is pre-match thread and post match thread. Whilst the more emotional driven/ stuff that we don’t want a permanent copy might work better in chat.

It’s an experiment for now. Might work it might not :slightly_smiling_face:


Will be great for those times I can’t resist any longer the urge to tell you all what I really think of you.

@PeachesEnRegalia your moment has finally arrived. Have your pot noodle at the ready, SYBM is giving it the ‘come hither’.

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Should be interesting for in game chat when you’ve got 1 person watching “live” and another on a stream 3-5 minutes behind.

When I’m streaming the last thing I want is somebody telling me what happens before it happens. You can kind of control that with the in match thread by never catching up to the latest posts.


So we will need 2 or 3 in game chats based on streaming lag…

will the posts from chat be archived as well? in case want to visit later or there’s a time after which it’ll disappear?

@Colossal_centre_back see how thread links up to chat (click little yellow bubble)

That’s an example of moving a post

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That’s exactly the type of thing I will be interested in. Something I had never considered.

Not sure if you will be able to do the same or not in the chat.

Got it. Thanks. Makes sense though to keep the chat separate. Going to miss couple of games so was wondering if it’ll be possible to catch up like in normal thread.

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Yes it should be :blush:

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Don’t understand this, is it typing your message or vocals, can we see each other.

100% loss with the chat in place. Get fucking rid.


I dropped the ball a bit with this, I should have smoothed the transition to chat a bit more. Some people were a bit lost.

As I said it’s an experiment at the moment.

Help me understand what worked, what didn’t work ?

As it is so early I can influence the developers to make it fit our needs (if we decide to keep it)


We lost and @Kopstar 's got the shits because his shiny record is fucked.