What a hit, son! (Goals! Goals! Goals!)

Is there a thread dedicated specifically to great goals, past, present and future? (If so, soz and shove me in that direction).
Maybe we don’t have to post only technically great goals, but goals that we remember fondly, for one reason or another.
I was going to post this in The Albert, and though 99% of my all time favourite goals just so happen to be LFC goals, we’re better off not limiting ourselves.
First person to post Diego vs England in 86 needs a time out, though. Bergkamp vs Newcastle can fuck off, too; he definitely didn’t mean to do that.

That said…

I love this goal because Molby runs. I show this to Danes and their brains malfunction.


This one for me. Losing, time is all but up, players on fumes after what was a long season (we started the Champions League qualifiers in July because nobody really knew what to do with us at the time!) and then this happens. Somehow it seems to get lost in amongst all the others and doesn’t get quite as much credit for whatever reason but fuck me, what a hit.


There is a poetry to this goal…



For me the best recent goal is of course Alisson’s.
I couldn’t stop watching it again and again and again…
That it was a very late match winner made it even more exhilarating.


The first goal that I can remember thinking to myself “bloody hell” was that Roberto Carlos free kick v France.


I would have been about 7-8 at the time and when I watch it now I still think it’s incredible


That was my second choice to start the thread. The movement on that ball is almost impossible to comprehend.


Bit of a random one, but tell know what…

Recently, our TV station’s been showing best goals from big international competitions during HT games at Euro. And whenever I see that goal from Platt against Belgium, I’m amazed. I think that’s absolutely brilliant first time hit technique, vision and precision. On the turn and straight in the opposite side. Reminds me of Stevie’s first touch (before his assist) against Stoke in 2009 when we beat them 4-0. Surprised it’s not talked about a bit more. It’s not quite van Basten’s goal, but is of high quality.

Plus, just noticed that it was on the day when I was born.



Favourite goals of the Klopp era.

Riise’s rocket against the scum.

Mbappe is a poor man’s Ronaldo.

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And he never hit one remotely like it again. Took free kicks for the rest of his career, each one landing in row Z, off the back of that one against France. Fantastic one off hit.


He may not have got a freekick as good as that again but the bar was set extremely high

He did however score some outrageous goals and could probably have a top 5 or top 10 career goals that most footballers would be happy with

When I saw the tread title, I had just this one in mind. Luckily, I checked before posting.

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Keepy-uppy from inside his own half,finished off with a left foot 30 yard volley,into the top right corner,peach of a goal. :sunglasses:


When talking about Mellor, it’s easy to think about his goal against Olympiakos. But this goal against Arsenal was too good. The technique, the way he connected with the ball, that curl and dip right into the bottom right corner that keeper can’t save, anyone would have been proud to score. Let alone a young player trying to make his mark into the game and club:


Robbie meant this. Self-assists, eh?


Écru shirts…. We should go back to that.

In all seriousness I watched this game on tv as an 11 year old and I literally could not believe the shit I was seeing!

Unbelievable goal and I’m actually surprised that this goal isn’t shown more often in those great goal programmes that are on now and again.


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Even the defender marking Robbie was like “what the fucks happened there“ - “oh shit“

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I am going to add to it.

There haven’t been many footballers in the history of the game who could pull that off.

Take a bow son. Fuck just realised how much I loved Fowler.

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I talked with an old Danish drunk in an old drunken, Danish bar this eve. He insisted Lavezzi had played for Birmingham. Over time, I realised he was confusing Lavezzi with Mauro Zarate.
I always liked Lavezzi. He was fantastic at San Lorenzo, with Cuqui and Gata, and he was even better for Mazzarri at Napoli, around the time we were linked with him every window.
“He’s not the next Maradona; he’s a very naughty boy!”.
He’d have a much stronger reputation if Sabella hadn’t hooked him for a barely-able-to-walk Aguero in the 2014 final.
Anyway, I don’t really remember Zarate, but here’s not a goal.