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Just a general thread for people to throw out general stuff about what might be going on in their lives.

After a tough few years I started a new job today. Handling a lot of classic car litigation where provenance of a vehicle is one of the main areas of contention.

On one matter is an AC Cobra worth about a million. Most of the car has been replaced and/or repaired over the last 50+ years yet its still described as the original car, even by the official cobra registry!

It’s Triggers broom all over :joy:


I twisted my knee 3 weeks ago. The fifth time I’ve done it, this time whilst out walking the dog. - I did it once in a night club, but that’s for another day!

Had surgery on it 10 years ago, so it’s a blow for it to happen again, especially when during the last year, as I edge closer to 40 years of age, I’ve had a real shift, making more effort to care for my health. Shifted over 2 stone, and now I’m dreading that with my knee is proper fucked and I might have to pack in any physical/strenuous exercise.

Thanks @Kopstar - ideal place for my moan! :smiley:


My wife is making me sell my golf clubs because I fucked my back playing golf in my mid twenties and it’s never been right since. I did have an operation on it nearly 4 years ago which has helped but I still get the occasional tweak.

I’m just loathe to get rid of my clubs. I keep thinking of circumstances about when I might play again and between a) my back is totally fine again and b) I’m divorced so fuck it, I keep trying to justify (to myself, in my head) holding onto them!

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My wife’s been praying I don’t buy golf clubs. Been threatening to for a couple of years as really want to get playing. But in reality I don’t have the time needed to actually play and get decent!

Check out this guy on youtube, he’s the real deal when it comes to knee pain. He sells plans but most of the information is in his videos anyway.


I have an eleven day-old baby.

Today he shit sideways out his nappy and down his leg.


Congrats :heart_eyes:

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Did not take long for him to learn from you.


Just found out I might be part Canadian (from my great grandfather) which is exciting.


Haha @SBYM

You deserve it, ya cunt! :smiley:

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that’s a tough one. on old cars, certain parts age regardless of usage. but the core of the car is really the frame, body and drivetrain. you can rebuild a motor but as long as you maintain the same block with the stamped VIN, it’s still the “original”.

I was looking at a 1973 MGB with my Dad a few weeks back as a project. has been sitting in a barn since 1981, still has the original plate with the tags. but the entire car has sat for 30 years, the seals will have dried out on much of the running gear so most of it will need to be disassembled and rebuilt.

with a lack of outdoor sports over the last year+, I’ve gotten into fishing. shit is expensive! I’ve just assembled a small Spey rod/reel/line (11’, 6wt) and the tab is now £200 ($350CAD) without it seeing water yet. Salmon are starting their summer run, hope to get into a red spring on Sunday. they usually average about 5-7kg and are very tasty on the bbq. sometimes, up to 8-10kg! (photo for reference, not my fish.)


Poonami for the win

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A bad days fishing is still better than a good day at work. And you had a good day by the looks of it!

Just found out I’m not part Canadian and my Dad just got a bit over excited.


Give Samantha my regards, mate, she’s a lovely lady.

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I’m a bit of a jammy bastard actually as my wife is hotter than SQ. I know that’s hard to believe!

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that’s too bad. the addiction to back bacon is real!


You couldn’t put that in the opening line. Had to get me all excited? :roll_eyes:

I am hoping to catch one of those. was invited to go ocean fishing on a family friend’s boat (33ft fishing boat) that is based out of a place called Winter Harbour, BC. it’s about as remote as it gets for still being accessible by road, and the most western settlement in Canada. I wish I had been able to get the time off. My brother is going that weekend, they’ll pull in a couple hundred pounds of fish each.

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