What's happening?

suppository maybe?

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Wife wanted a small amount of money. Don’t know why she’s so angry after I sent her this screenshot. Honest.

Talking of wives… By some extraordinarily awful turn of events I find myself in Primark.
It’s a total nightmare!



I have literally never been in a Primark in my life. I’ve heard the stories. What level of hell does it clock in at?

Using Dante’s scale, I’d say the eighth cycle: fraud.

It’s got the usual hellishness of clothes shops, rows and rows of horrible ugly garments being picked over by huge groups of squawking teenage girls and tasteless middle aged people, added to that is the moral depravity of a planet destroying business run on squeezing profit from sweatshops in faraway lands.
I’ve tried using logic and reason, but it’s hard to compete with €2.50 t-shirts.


Assuming that 50¢ of that will be VAT and the shop presumably makes some profit. The shipping costs will add up as well as someone growing the cotton in the first place even before you get to the poor bastard who stitches it together.

Cheap clothes are like a bacon butty. It’s usually best not to think about the pigs.

Well it’s GCSE revision in full swing here. Spent every dance journey of late listening to History revision, English poems and maths bollocks. Tonight was Titration for Chemistry tomorrow. Been fun to go back over all the old stuff, Paul Elrich and salvarson 605 etc. The look I got for mentioning that just before the teacher, priceless. Daddy ain’t all that daft :slight_smile: Got to admit that 90% of it will only ever be used when the grandkids are asking for help years in the future but you can’t beat a good broad knowledge I guess . 4 more weeks then it’s Alton Towers time :slight_smile:


I bet she got jelous that you kept the reward and not give it to her

I’ve had a very ‘challenging’ week.
My son went over to Chile to ‘visit’ my daughter. They went on a short excursion to the north east desert/salt lakes. The Chilien part went very well at about 3000m unfortuneately they continued on to Bolivia. This meant ascending to 5000m which apparently was done very quickly and both suffered altitude sickness. My daughter, the only one of the 2 that speaks fluent spainish, was completely KO with problems breathing and blue lips. My son got to the stage of ‘hacking’ and tasteing blood.
The fuckwit Bolivians decided they had flu because they had temperatures and wouldn’t give them oxygen. (Btw pulmonary oedema can cause you to have a temperature). My son was very stressed (me too and I wasn’t even there).
So evidently 2 stressed Flobs familly didn’t go down very well together. I ended up having to try and calm my daughter as some very nasty stuff was said between them. That was a lot of text messages over a long period and after having discussing the situation with my son reassuring him (a pharmacist) that he was correct to be very concerned but to stay calm and rest as much as possible.
Thankfully they have returned back to Santiago and on feeling better things seem to have improved between them. Bloody hell I was so worried as was my son. We just don’t handle stress well! :cry:

It’s not the 1st time my daughter has suffered altitude sickness she went on an excursion in Chile with a friend and had mild symptoms however her friend was treated with oxygen she got so bad (vomiting and all). Tour guides in Bolivia should know better!

Glad they are feeling better in Santiago. Hopefully the relationship wasn’t too damaged, and they both learn from the experience too.

Yes they seem to have calmed down and are taking the piss out of me.
It was probably my fault they went to Bolivia as it was something I wanted to do when young. So they are saying if I’d tried it I’d have died. :rofl: I actually text them that as well so I’d say they are getting on ok now.
Recovery from altitude sickness isn’t long once you descend however above 2500m you need to climb slowly and acclimatise (can take 3 days). They didn’t have this opportunity and apparently the tour was a lot of running about to get all in (not a good idea).