What's happening?

Hope you feel better soon, mate.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach here we come. Shouldn’t be too busy so it’s going to be a coaster frenzy!

Keep ya chin up @Flobs :0)


Oh no, I know Sciatic pain can be extremely excruciating. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Get well soon Fobs, dear and hope you are back to your old self.

We miss you.

Had an attack of shingles 2 weeks ago.

It’s been hell so far. The pain is on the right side of the face. I was “Two-Face”, the batman villain… the first 5 days. The shooting pain in the nerves has started after the antiviral’s run it’s course.

Doctor’s saying that you’ll just have to manage the pain and hope that it goes away quickly

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Hope it gets better soon.

Sorry to hear that. I had it a couple of years ago and it was horrible. I was lucky enough to only get it on my back, but it was excruciating.
Lasted a couple of weeks.

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Worst thing ever shingles… Sooooooooo painful - Hope you are over the worse

Applying some capascin cream to get over the pain as well as some tablets. Melotonin to help with sleep as well. The pain shoots up in the night

Doc thinks there’s a good chance that I’d develop something called as post-herpetic neuralgia considering the severeness of the attack.

If that’s the case , the pain in the nerves might linger for some good months.


I hope not.

Melatonin is good gear.

Yep…and the ache and the skin is still tender for weeks.


I’m playing a game on my tablet and I have reached the score of 12345.
No idea what to do now.


CBD oil too.

My health insurance sent me a card pre-loaded with $300, for “wellness” purposes. I called them up and asked if I could use it for therapy, and they said no. I asked if I could use it to furnish a home gym, and they said no. I asked I could use it to buy whiskey online, and they said no. But I can use it for gym memberships and “necessary massages”.

So, I have to pay out of my own pocket to get tipsy, and emotionally I’m still a mess, but the handjobs are on the BCBSA.


Four killed
20 severely injured
Over 400 injured

Unrest in Dhaka.


I’m in a McDonald’s in the Netherlands. They actually charge to use the toilet. 70 cents for a McCrap.


Taken out of context, that actually sounds like a part of their daily offer.


That’s all I’ve ever used it for.

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Very sorry to hear that Ifti. What’s the cause?

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Initially the protest started against the quota in government jobs. But it escalated after some indecent comments from the PM and others, finally, today it became fatal after ruling party thugs attacked the protesters.

Latest, fatalities reported to be around 10.