What's happening?

I hope that you have explained the term “first-world problems” to them.


My mother in law farted just before we ate, in the middle of the meal and then on her way out, dropped what is categorically the worst thing I have smelled in the last decade.( For context there we didn’t eat traditional Christmas dinner - so no sprouts.)

Good luck topping that.

This is the missus’ ditzy sister and her Florida libertarian Republican husband.

The next two weeks will be repeatedly explaining the obvious and avoiding any talk of politics.

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I got off easy. My inlaws are great… talk about anything, never get mad each other, genuine kind people. My parents on the other hand :laughing: :person_facepalming:


Got my son and wifes brother visiting.
Great for her recovery having family around, not so great for me, running around after the wife, but also 2 grown men who have no idea where the kitchen sink or recycling bins are


I get the recycling bins, but kitchen sink???

Kitchen sink – hang on I’ve heard about them somewhere

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Fucking bone idle.
Her brothers idea of helping, is to eat and stroke the dog occasionally.
Wife not able/under orders from me not to do housework stuff, if I didn’t do it the place would look like a bomb site
Roll on new years day

This one time I had just left the house for work and forgot my gym kit so I went back home. My ex-mother-in-law (someone said I should call her mother out-law now) thought the coast was clear and, with the bathroom door slightly ajar, let out the longest and trumpetiest fart I’ve ever heard (apparently women hold it in for ages due to presence of others and let it out in secret.

She saw that I saw/heard and went “Oh shit!”

Just found out one of my cousins in Canada has breast cancer (stage 4). She’s going through chemo and there are no outward signs of it affecting her yet. But I know what stage 4 is. One of my uncles died months after he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in 2016.

Looking at her Facebook posts I had no idea she’s going through this. She’s smiling and doing outdoorsy stuff in Toronto.



Mrs is still in rehab. She’s making little progresses (is there a plural to that word?), both physically and cognitively/speech, which might seem minute from the outside if I tried to explain them, but I find amazing nevertheless. Really proud of her, how she’s dealing with this. What that shit couldn’t destroy was her character, the person/personality is completely there.


Wishing Mrs CL a speedy recovery. The way you describe her, she will always be an inspiration to people recovering from severe medical conditions.

On 20th Jan, I was diagnosed with severe fatty liver. A few scars away from Fibrosis. All at the ripe age of 36 with a 2.5 year old daughter to look after. Reading the CT scan report shattered my world. But I decided I will not give up. I am not a heavy drinker so alcohol is last of my problems. Reviewed my eating habits with the dietician and realised that was the problem. No balanced diet.

Started working on it on the same day and today’s test show I am making a fairly good progress. Liver Function Test results were not good but better than those on 20th.

Just wanted to put it here for our TAN family that work, friends, football, passion etc can all wait. Please prioritise your health for yourself and your family. Believe me, you don’t want to be sitting with your family in front of your doctor explaining how fucked your body is.

Wishing you all great health.


Thanks for the advice @auzziez. Wishing you a swift and full recovery. :heart::nerd_face:


Last week our drier stopped working. We think we blew a thermal fuse from stuffing it with a blanket that was too big for the drum, but it was old (very old) so ce la vie. I started looking for replacements and realized we had a problem because the vent went through the floor behind the unit not the wall, so we have to leave a lot of room for clearance with the back of the closet its stored in. The problem is modern driers all seem to be big, too big for the space. Certainly ones with a bigger drum than our now dead one had were too big. We could find suitable ones, but all were on back order or not available locally so had too long a turn around time to get it installed. So after about 3 days searching we found one we could get delivered in the next 2 days. It was less of a drier than I initially wanted, and yet somehow more expensive than the ones I was looking at, but seemed the only solution given we needed it ASAP.

It was delivered and installed and then the very first time we tried to open the door the handle snapped off in my hands. It was inoperable. We called to get them to deliver a replacement, but they couldnt process the request because it hadnt been logged in as delivered yet. They gave us a case number and said theyd call when it was updated in their system. Of course, they didnt call, so I followed up the next day. After about 3 hours I got to a point where they could give me an appointment for a replacement, but not until about 5 days from then. Keep in mind, we accepted the higher cost of this specific model from this specific company because the installation could be done quickly. I argued and argued and got no where so accepted it. An hour later the confirmation of the new appointment hadnt come through. So I called back to find the customer service agent hadnt actually booked the replacement appointment for me. Another 2 hours on the phone finally ended with me getting a replacement, a full week after the original installation date.

They just came and swapped out the door with a new one with a working handle. It took them 5 minutes. We are now left with a shitty drier we didnt want that was more expensive than the ones we wanted but didnt want to wait for. The response from the company is essentially - fuck you, pay me.

Commerce in America is awful. All the options in the world, as long as you’re ok with shit stuff from shit companies who dont give a shit. People say that when you deal with a big corporation for buying stuff you trade off lower price for lesser personal care over the services they provide, and I’d accept that if there was a decision I was able to make. These days though there isnt. There are no small independents who care about their services you can actually buy from now, so it’s less a conscious trade off and more a case of an abusive relationship you cannot get out of.


Why’s US bread so fucking small?

Please send Hovis asap.

Thanks for the words of wisdom auzziez. I am eating much better these days, I just need to do exercise, which i keep putting off, due to the cold weather. Sometimes, my family do my head in. However, really bonded with my mum’s family in Toronto this time round.


I am joining the picket line now at my school.


Small? I thought everything is big in America, food, malls, homes, land, ego…

There was a great turn out in the local townhall and there was a huge turn out in the march in Central London and it was well organised.

We got free food and drinks from the local communities coming out and supporting and talking to us.

It was a long day, it felt like many people were supporting us in this strike.