Which CF do you want?

The reports of the last few weeks suggest we will finally sign a CF so I think it would be a good idea to start a thread on this.

Not only ‘who should we sign’ but also ‘why’ and maybe

  • what would it mean for our current attackers?
  • what would it mean for Harvey Elliott and other attackers out on loan (Awoniyi)?
  • how should our attacking department look like?

If we have enough suggestions we could start a poll.

For obvious reason some players should not be discussed and mentioned in this thread.
Blacklist: Mbappe, Haaland, Agüero, Suarez, Depay

To start this thing off here are some realistic targets that can be discussed.

  • Patson Daka (RB Salzburg)
  • André Silva (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • Jonathan David (Lille)
  • Pedro Neto (Wolves)

There was one name that haven’t really been mentioned in the last few months and I wasn’t sure if I should put him on the blacklist or not.

Dyballa has 15 months left on his contract and isn’t really happy at Juventus.

Realistic target or Blacklist?

Neto is more of a winger/wide forward, he first needs to add more numbers to his game to be considered as a goalscoring wide forward.

It depends. I think we can split it into two.

Are we going for more of a combining false 9 or someone who would go more in behind? But then for our situation this summer, it might also depend on what’s even available.


Not a CF but as a Bobby replacement I’d love to sign Raphinha. Looks top drawer and ceiling could be really high in a better team

Not sure why this is in the rumour mill, there’s more rumours and from more reliable sources, to some on the blacklist than any of the suggested options.

What would have been the perfect section to post this in?

Who would you buy thread? Can discuss all the issues you suggest in there. It’s simply a discussion of who would you buy up front, how you would set up, why and what it’d mean for others on the books. With a suggested list of players to avoid for the benefit of driving the discussion. In that way I’d choose Andre Silva from your list if we are hoping for someone who can maybe work their way to becoming a starter. I’d add Folarin Belagun, Sardar Azmoun or Alexander Isak as options for someone more a squad option at least initially. Good discussion prompt just think it’s in the wrong place sorry. Not sure I’ve seen many or any links to some of these names.

Mbappe! :grin:

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Who would you buy used to be my favorite thread.

Nowadays 8 out 10 post in there are about finances, Mbappe, accounting, Haaland, accounting, Agüero, finances, Suarez…

Nobody complained about the ‘Which CB do you want’ thread so you are free to join this party and make some good posts or leave (and won’t really be missed :grimacing: ).

The Albert? Your not discussing a specific rumour here, so that’s where I would have put it

They were out of CBs linked but fine will bugger off out the thread as per your suggestion.

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To the mods - feel free to move to this to The Albert.

And if technically possible please ban the Joker @Flobs from this thread :no_mouth:


@cynicaloldgit is with me on this. :wink:

Edit: Also the only player outside our squad I know him and Camavinga, just not worth lookig outside those 2 imo and I get bored watching matches that don’t involve LFC.


Haaland obviously. But as he’s blacklisted…

Alexander Isak looks like an interesting player. Tall, quick, skillful. Numbers aren’t quite there yet but obvious potential to improve, and not a player who just relies on having loads of space to be effective.

I still look out to see how Belotti is getting on after that friendly against Torino the other year when he was so impressive. Realistically he’s probably not good enough but he’d be a massive fan favourite if he was.

Daka’s the other name. Impossible to say if he’s good enough but might be worth a punt for a reasonable fee.

I wouldn’t be unhappy with a wide forward either though, and probably a left footer (sorry Harvey). Neto and Raphinha are the two obvious ones from the premier league, both look class whenever I watch them play. Neither are clinical goalscorers (yet) but really good at beating players and creating opportunities for others.


Actually, I’m with @GermanRed on this. We should just ban you.

Full stop. :joy:


I’d say you need to define what the club is looking for.

Is it a replacement for Salah for example? Or a forward to come into the squad alongside our current 4?

Either of those means a huge difference in that cost and also skill set for me.

Cheeky! :cry:


Someone who can score! :wink:

Yeah, though I’d say the closest question would be, could we find someone who isn’t necessarily “only” a false 9 like Bobby (he’s really only a false 9 or single 10), but can play centrally better than Origi did (when he did, because he was used on the left a lot of the time he came on).

When you look at it, apart from Salah, we could maybe really do with a proper striker who Klopp judges good enough to play centrally more than Origi. Especially in games when we struggle to finish off chances, but we create a lot of openings.

Maybe we need someone else in our forward roster apart from Salah who attacks those balls. Mane and Jota are fantastic because they can both combine at high level but also go in behind and get their very good number of goals.

So I’m looking at possibly a player who does have his weak points, isn’t a complete type of player, but in some off the ball/linking areas he’s good enough for Klopp to put him on or start him centrally (and with Salah still being on the right side of him).

Someone who puts his qualities on a little pile much clearer, more convincing and more consistent than Origi, who is also a better finisher, too. It would make sense to me because Origi is the next one we should move on.

The other alternative would be to get maybe a right sided attacker and then look to sell one of Shaqiri/Minamino (and that could depend on the market and who attracts more interest). I think Elliott will get a similar or better loan than at Blackburn.

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Go for a new proper false 9 (who would slowly start to replace Bobby), but then it depends who is that guy and how we manage.

But that one might be more expensive and that’s a very sensitive position for Klopp, so much that I wouldn’t let myself imagine how many players could do that.

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