Which DM/CM do you want?

If someone can flagrantly abuse FFP to win leagues, then everything else is fair game?

The level of cheating that is tolerated is way beond a player getting booked so that his family can benefit.

Of course he should/will be punished, but the game cannot take the high moral fround on this


I agree. City should be dismantled totally as a club.

But two wrongs won’t make a right. Can’t ignore what Paqueta has done just because City’s shit is far more reprehensible

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Remember the spot fixing case that the Pakistan cricketers got embroiled in a while back.

If they can bowl a no ball , what else can they fix ?

I think they’ll throw the book at him.He has done something in the game which influences the game,in order for someone to win a bet.

Jesus, when I said ‘Not sure what the situation is with the investigation he is involved in’, I really had no idea and was too lazy to look it up.

Regardless of talent I can’t imagine many big clubs will be looking at him after that, if proved guilty I expect it will be a pretty big ban coming his way.

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I agree.
Two wrongs dont make a right.

But lets see what his punishment is?


An absolute c**t but I wouldn’t say no

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I would say no.
He is a prick


No fucking way.


Fixed for total accuracy.

Plus I doubt he would pass our no dickhead policy

What’s the no dickhead policy? Just to be devils advocate……

I’m sure the no dickheads policy is more of an off pitch / work rate kind of thing.

Think he’s an arsehole on the pitch, not sure has he done something individually off it too badly.

Well 50m should put off Barca

They will offer a 20-year staggered payment :rofl:

They will activate lever 9.

He’s a good player, obviously, but it’s a no, no, no from me.

Just can’t warm to the fella. A bit like seeing the shout for Simeone to be the manager.


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How about racially abusing his own teammate?