Which DM/CM do you want?

  • Romeo Lavia
  • Andre Trindade
  • Ryan Gravenberch
  • Cheick Doucoure*
  • Ibrahim Sangare
  • Florentino Luis*
  • Kalvin Phillips
  • Sofyan Amrabat
  • Other (please state)
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Apparently we’ve been linked to 69 midfielders in this window, but here are the ones that have been most reliably linked, so which do you want?

I’ve opened it up to multiple choice as I think it can be argued the plan is for a younger player and a more experienced one to be brought in, or we could be after a single big-money player. I’ve put a star (*) next to the ones that would seem to cost the most, so if you vote for one of those then just one choice please… if you vote for one of the others feel free to add a second non-starred option.

Discussion welcomed, let’s talk about the runners and riders for this now key position for us to fill this summer.


Lol I have no idea why my poll title is one of the options, maybe avoid voting for that one :joy:

FFS already… :roll_eyes:

Looks like I’m the only one around here who can run a poll properly. :rofl:


Twitter links to Who Should We Sign hitting the internet in 3, 2…

Anyway, I went for Sangare and Lavia, think the former is ready to deliver for us now and looks like the sort of player that would work well for us, at a reportedly reasonable fee. While Lavia looks to have a very high ceiling and could become a really good player for us.

With both Hendo and Fab going I’d want two in to replace them, and it be those two.

As funny as that undoubtedly was, shall we try again?

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Lavia and Trindade for me. I’m not completely sure that the former is worth £50m, but that appears to be the going rate for a homegrown player with a very high ceiling these days.

I think Trindade looks class, although I hasten to add that I haven’t watched ten full games.


I’d be happy with that, I like what I’ve seen of Andre

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If Tyler Adam’s had a better history with injuries I’d be all over him given his experience, qualities and positional flexibility.
But no point buying someone who won’t be fit.

Doucoure under £50million would be good.

Not sure Lavia fits in if Fabinho goes. Though I like him and his potential.

Luis feels the best fit but think we’ll be priced out.

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Lavia for me. I think he will be as good as Caicedo soon, but at the moment will cost half as much. His is fast and can tackle, which is important with the space he will cover. He is press resistant, and also looks to pass quickly, and get the attack going. He also tries more difficult passes, off both the left and right. I think there’s a lot of ability here that is starting to emerge.

Age and inexperience is obviously a factor, but I’m not as bothered about that as some. We have other options in the squad, even if all the veteran midfielders leave, to rotate a bit and help bring him through.

I’m not altogether sure if we are looking at one midfielder or two. And I’m also not sure on the budget e.g. did we already have the money for Lavia, only now it has 52M from the Saudis added? At that point we might be able to get Tchouameni, if there was any inclination to leave.

But all things considered, Lavia is the one I want.


Looking at that group I’m torn about sticking an old timer in there. If we retain one of the veterans it makes sense, but sod it, as the great Hansen once declared, “You can’t win anything with kids.”


If both Fab and Hendo leave, it would be shocking if we didn’t bring in two midfielders.

We’d be paper thin with just six.

Oh yeah, forgot about Thiago but still…

Lavia movements is elegant and fluent. Only top tie CM like Thiago/Modric have that IMO.

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You know that thing where someone talks about fluid movements and then you remember the off topic thread.

On topic - who has seen the required 10 matches of any of these players?

Selected Sangare and Gravenburch, both would represent good value and profile wise I think they’re what we could do with (taller/physical type) but also know how to get the ball down and play.

Is there an option to leave Kalvin behind and bring the other lot home? :thinking:

What’s the estimated price for sangare ?

I read he had a circa £35m release clause, but no idea if that’s accurate.

Aye I’d have said between 30-35m…really can’t see him leaving for more than what we paid for Cody. Speaking of Cody, who better than to give the insight on the guy.

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Without knowing to much about most of those players …

I chose Gravenberch , because when most of us were lead to believe that Bellingham is not like all those others etc and seemed a down to earth grounded bloke etc etc …£110+ million for a 19 year old was probably about £100 million to much imo…

Anyways I trust our scouting and they identified Gravenberch as a “similar” player so I presume that was/is still the case …discount version of Bellingham ( for a way better price)…also chose Lavia as I’m putting trust in our more knowledgeable members …I mean we’ve had Sean Dundee and voronin etc …can’t be making those kind of transfers anymore can we ?:grimacing:

Phillips and Lavia I guess.

But only Phillips to form any opinion.

Haven’t a clue about the others this one would be just be a guess, I’d be worried with Phillips. Happy with Lavia from what I remember the rest I’m sure the club would have done enough to buy.

Credit to working out we’ve been linked to 69 Midfielders mind :joy:

Haha, I found an article from a few days ago that listed them all!