Will you stop supporting LFC if they participate in the Super League?

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  • No
  • It depends

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Poll above.

There’s been lots of vigorous disdain expressed for the ESL, but I’m wondering how much it’ll actually preclude you from supporting the club? Will you stop watching the matches, buying tickets and merchandise, and otherwise stop being a loyal supporter of the club?

There are two things that I will not tolerate when it comes on to football. One is racism by players or fans and the other is greedy cuntish owners who put profits before supporting the club and football as a whole. That’s why I’ve been so harsh at the owners and the way they recruited in the last few transfer windows and also the way we dealt with Luis Suarez.

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I am currently on the verge of giving up football, after 43 years of following the Tricky Reds.

There are two things which would push me over the edge: Manchester City clearly buying their way to the Champions League is one; the ESL is the other.

If either of those things happens, I’m gone.


I’m pretty much there anyway to be honest, I’ve stopped watching our matches (at first team level anyway) and just get some text updates to my phone. If we join the ESL I’ll stop the text updates as well and I guess thats the end of my “fan” status.

As the clubs themselves have reportedly acknowledged though, I am not the target audience given that I am a “legacy” supporter.

My wife wants my son to be raised a Liverpool fan so that we share that common passion but I’m finding it hard to have any motivation to push him in that direction at the moment.

I’m not particularly angry just really disappointed that it has come to this. Covid led to a sanitised product which I lost interest in and this announcement has all but killed any chance of me enjoying football the way I used to before.


I was born a Liverpool supporter. My grandfather stood on the kop before it had a roof so it’s in my DNA.

Will I be watching the Super Cup games? I really doubt it. The novelty of playing Barca and Real every few weeks will wear off pretty quickly for most genuine fans I think and particularly if we end up near the bottom of the Super League. They will be treated as exhibition games for TV revenue coughed up by the plastic fans.

On principle I have never taken out a Sky subscription but I bet a lot who profess to hate Murdoch have handed over many pieces of silver to him and will pay up for these games too.


I think the comment about “legacy supporters” is based on a presumption that they won’t abandon the club. It isn’t that they are not being targeted, it’s that their support is taken for granted.


I voted no, but I won’t have half the passion and I expect me watching games to be a if I can v’s rearranging my life to make sure I can.

My biggest regret if this goes ahead will be my son not ever experiencing some of the feelings I have the last few years. Breaks my heart I can’t take him to Anfield for the first time for a special game like the derby, or a European night,

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What ever happens, I will continue supporting LFC in their domestic league/cups.

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Dont know for sure yet. I was numb and bored watching us last night - less interested in that game that I have been in preseason 0-0s. I was watching out of a sense of habit rather than any kind of engagement with what was going on as what was going on is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things if this bloody ESL happens. What’s the point of football with no stakes? Jesus I felt more involved when the owl was manager than I did last night. If the ESL goes through there’ll be no point to nearly every game we play. The concept of the ESL is repugnant and not one I want to support. Wont watch us in the ESL. Wont watch us in anything else given how little it matters now where we finish or how we do. Shame that this is happening on the back of the best years we’ve had in about 3 decades. Shame its happening to a quality manager and a great bunch of lads - credit to Jurgen and Milner for speaking out against the ESL.

Yeah I’ll probably be done with football if this goes through


No, but I wouldn’t watch the super league (out of both principle and a lack of interest) and I probably won’t go to another game either.

I don’t think it’ll happen/be a successful venture anyway.

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I’m very dissappointed with this decission however my major interest has always been the EPL (or equivalent) so as long as that’s on I will follow.
I imagine this European league will be a lot of very boring slow paced matches, lots of travelling so tired players, it imo hasn’t been thought through and is definitely an owners ‘idea’.
I just can not imagine life without my support for the mighty reds and I’m no idealist anymore, that vien has been beaten out of me since yonks.
I don’t see how a life long passion could just be discarded overnight.

Edit: I hate Real, Barça have an interest yet distain for Italian footy so will happily ignore this new competition of roly poly football (we’re crap at that anyway).


IF this shit project comes into life indeed, it will depend on a few things for me:

  • Will we be excluded from the PL and other English competitions, and be forced to play in that breakaway league only? If that happens, it’s a yes. I couldn’t bring myself to watch this club imprisoned within a boring, lifeless bubble without any sporting interest. I’d quit following LFC.
  • If we can stay in the PL, then I’d probably continue to watch us play in England. The Merseyside derbies, the contests against the red mancs will still hold interest, the passion will be there and a competitive interest will still be there, at least in part. I’d boycott anything else though.
  • Will Klopp stay with us? If he quits because he isn’t convinced where the club is heading to, it could possibly push me over the line.

I appreciate that the views of someone from Liverpool, who goes to the match in the flesh, might be different from that. But where the passion inside Anfield will come from if the club is forced to play a never-ending row of exhibition matches, without any competitive interest, isn’t clear for me.

I still believe that all of this idea will be binned shortly. It’s too stupid to have a long life.

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Champions league is always an added interest to me, domestic football has always held more of a love, don’t get me wrong the European nights are great but it’s great variety of teams you play, yes you will likely meet someone English or Spain’s top two along the way but this league means you’ve probably met them at least twice already and will do so again next season and the season after it’s not broken up by an Ajax or a Porto or even German clubs at this rate.

You will face three PL clubs at least 4 times, you’ll likely meet one 6 times if you were to win it twice in a row not to mention you could draw them in the league and FA Cup, imagine playing any team 10 times a season, it no longer becomes a anomaly though the odds of this increase, I’d be bored with 6 and that’s likely.

If we were to quit domestic that would be it, I won’t subscribe to the ESL as I really have no interest in it. As for Sky it’s no longer owned by Murdoch, irony is I never actually purchased it while he did own it more out of random quirk than any actual desire to boycott it mind.

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Also on the point of Ajax and Porto you may say oh they will join but it’s not that, you’ve got Sporting, you’ve got PSV, the Belgium clubs the Scandinavian clubs, clubs from Austria and Hungary at some point some rise and some fall look through the last 20 years we were playing Alaves at one point in a final, we played Augsburg in a Last 16 game, RBL this season and Salzburg and Atalanta in the qualifiers all of which gave us a game (maybe not RBL, but they did knock out Man Utd at the group stage).

That’s all gone, no variety at all, and you might say oh it will happen eventually but there is no guarantee, some cities in America have lost Baseball teams and never got them back, MLS expansion only seems to happen based on wealth. I don’t think IPL has expanded at all (I don’t watch that eithier due to the fact it’s just some random players each season under the guise of a team).


For me it’s the way that this has come about that is the issue. Whilst FSG haven’t been the ringleaders, it’s a really disappointing reality check that despite all sense that they are focussed on the fans, they’re businessmen and that’s that. The fans and players weren’t consulted, I feel like the rug has been swept out from our feet on this one.

I personally can’t see myself continuing to support the club if this goes ahead. The reason I follow the club has to do with the history, the supporters, the sense of identity. To me all of that is lost when you betray those things just because you want to sit at the top table. It’s pretty devastating for the sport as a whole and I am very much a football fan as much as I am a Liverpool fan.

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Ill still watch if it means I don’t have to pay extra for it. Therefore sky, bt or amazon would need to pick it up.
I go Leyton Orient as a season ticket holder so ill be contributing to the lower leagues.

Also, how super can a league be when a load of top teams from other countries have said they wont be taking part?

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Always my team in my heart: the history, the institution etc. But in terms of active support of a club itself, I’d probably switch to AFC Liverpool in terms of money/active following.


Yes, if it goes ahead in the way its currently proposed but I don’t think that will happen. Some sort of compromise will be reached. This is just the opening shot from the rich clubs. Once all the outrage has died down negotiations will begin because it’s in no one’s interests to create a product that people don’t want to watch. I don’t think many fans are enthused by the idea of what’s proposed. The clubs know this.

More concerning to me is the absence of fans and VAR. I’ve found it hard to get invested in games over the last year because of this. The former will be fixed soon I hope but the latter has killed the immediacy of the game and taken away a lot of the joy from watching football. If VAR isn’t fixed I’m going to find it hard to re-engage again even with fans back.


Bournemouth are my second team from when I was at University so that’s who I’d probably concentrate on.

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Well, LFC will always have my support. Football itself on the other hand…