Will you stop supporting LFC if they participate in the Super League?

Liverpool will always have my heart but I don’t think I’ll get worked up about results or signings as much as I have ever again. Seeing how much the players missed fans and how football looked shite without fans restored my faith in the game that ‘no we are actually important still’ has been totally rebuffed by the actions of FSG. They don’t care about us. I’ll always watch Liverpool but I’ll never care the same way that I did. Feel sorry for Jürgens replacement, will have to inherit a club exactly the way Jürgen found it.


I support this club purely by act of chance. Decades following will continue regardless of what happens. I’ll be seriously pissed off with FSG is Klopp walks after last night, he was shafted. But FSG brought us number 6 and the PL so have colossal respect in my bank. I’m not sure that this plan is a good one. I don’t hate it out of hand purely because it’s all about money as football has been for many many years. Liverpool is a business, I expect them to operate like one. I don’t expect them (nor demand) that they consult locals / fans / stakeholders as sadly, they own us lock stock and barrel. They could flatten the stadium tomorrow and move to London and ultimately there’s nothing us fans can do about it as we do not own nor control the club. I do expect them to do what’s best for longterm security and success. As that means a stable and successful team, win win.

Ultimately if this goes ahead I want us in. I’ll always be a fan. Will it destroy football? Doubt it. Is it a good idea for everybody? Not really. Is it a good idea for us IF it goes ahead? Absolutely.

Just been listening to fans who’d rather the club go bust and start again like Rangers than join this. That’s an admirable moral stance however I’d rather see us win things, sign the best players and play on the biggest stage. Maybe I’m just a greedy fan and will wear a little one upmanship and advantage over others. I’ll always be a fan though.

I think you’ll find it’s Klopp and the team that brought us the title and number 6.

After all Henry’s been running this club on a refinance what we earn, I have no issue with that and to be honest though they’ve made the odd fuck up (Furlough) I actually was content with them. That’s all changed within 3 days.


Who brought in Klopp? That wasn’t done by waving pound notes and winking coquettishly. The defence rests your honour.

They brought in Rodgers before that…

And threw lots of money at it even when it was obvious from every fan that it wasn’t working, They might have brought him in but they made a appointment, they didn’t build a football club, but they sure are throwing it on the fire.

So no the defence doesn’t rest, because they made multiple mistakes they actually worked out what to do, because at the end of the day as this shitty super league proves, they aren’t football people and they haven’t got a clue.

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We don’t do ourselves any favours by pushing the argument to the extremes.

FSG have badly screwed up on this, possibly fatally, but they are absolutely intrinsic to the success we’ve had. Klopp is wonderful, but FSG have been chasing him for years, and the club structure he works within is absolutely their creation.

In many ways this makes it worse. 90% of the time they are model owners. Then they go and spoil it all, by doing something stupid like, launching a European Super League

It would be easier if they were just shit owners. But they are really good, just up to the point where they fucking blow it.


I’m not saying they are bad owners I actually had very little issues with them, even Furlough I kind of understood but nah I can’t back them, what they’ve done these last 3 days, let the players and manager face that, not even come out and say a word about this, not even a statement on the official website.

If you want to completely overhaul football and you want to do away with “legacy fans” at least face up to a press conference in Boston or Florida, don’t be silent and allow the official website to carry a press release containing Perez and Glazer quotes.



Their silence is deafening.

Either they are testing the ground for reaction before pulling the plug and flooring the project


They dont give a fuck. This was the master plan and success is a lovely side effect.


You don’t have to have a clue about a big business to run that business. You employ people who do. As for BR, I loved most of his time with us, some of the best football we’d seen in 20 years. Some hated him, I rather liked him and want him to do well at Leicester.

As @Mascot says, thank FSG for Klopp, they chased and landed him. Then every other full moon they shoot themselves in the foot. Even I get things wrong sometimes which even surprises me.

By the way I don’t blame anyone who wants to be excited about this league, it’s not something worth fighting over (between fans). I’m glad you are getting something you desire.

It’s just not for me and I am part of the group that would rather be left behind even - maybe especially - if that turned us into more of a club based on homegrown players and academy graduates while superstars head off to the ESL.


I do wonder if this could end up in the courts with what Chelsea and Man City are briefing the ESL 12 that is.

You know something mate, this announcement has shaken the world so seriously that I agree completely with almost all your posts.


Anyone lucky enough to possess an accurate prophetic vision may well see that the Premier League will be fully run by Sky and other TV companies, the inept refereeing committee and the governing VAR shambles that between them are strangling the passion, enthusiasm and dedication from all fans before our very eyes and turning the fixtures into little more than a pantomime of errors and downright corruption (this needs a complete re-vamp!!).
Another few seasons and the Premier League will have become little more than a closed shop for the clubs intent on spending their way to honours.
From remembering the days of watching the games at Anfield when the guy used to bring out the half time scores and place them next to the A-Z letters of the alphabet that were propped against the Paddock wall… correlating the scores against the programme notes that depicted which letter represented which team… What FSG are planning to do with this ESL, in one fell swoop, wipes away every piece of history attached to LFC…!! - Bastards!
Ask Jurgen to stay for the next decade and let us form another team in the lower leagues… lets begin another journey progressing to the Premier League… Better still, ask Stevie to take the reigns from Jurgen and do this together… Shankly’s Liverpool FC… Got a certain ring to it eh!

Yeah, probably going back to following Palermo more closely again. Or just binning off football for good, what’s the point anyway.


Not enough likes for this. Can we adopt it as the forum motto?

But not in Latin; that’d be too Everton.


I don’t think I’ll stop supporting — seeing us win the League, sanitized as it was, was one of the best days of my life, and no one can ever take that away — but I think I’d probably be less engaged. I would be disappointed to see the one real team I follow fall into the American model of sport where teams like the Detriot Lions (no offense Lions fans) post losing seasons every year and still rake in the money.


I really don’t know. The idea of cutting myself off from something I’ve held close to my heart all my life is overwhelming.

But this idea, “legacy fans”, and the way I felt watching the Leeds game force me to confront the possibility that this just isn’t my club anymore anyway.

I won’t be watching the ESL. Even from a purely footballing perspective, the concept is as interesting as The Audi Cup or any of the other pre-season ‘tournaments’. I won’t attend games (moving to the US early next year anyway).


It entirely depends on how we get there (the ESL).

Right now, I honestly am struggling to believe that this is for real - given the shoddy webpages, the lack of top down knowledge at each of the clubs etc, and the fact it’s clearly far from resolved all makes me think this a bluff of epic proportions to try and get UEFA to change their stance and come back to the negotiation table.

I also struggle with UEFA/FIFA and all other relevant parties crying about this. They have all for years themselves been corrupt - corruption so deep rooted that clearly, despite the human rights issues at Qatar, the world cup will go ahead (as just one example). Even the simple things, like banning Man City for the financial doping going away as they missed a date - how convenient - that date must have also coincided with brown envelopes going the other way.

On FSG, as I said in the owners thread, I think I’d be equally perturbed if we were not invovled at this stage. I guess we have to wait a while to see what actually comes of it.

All the above led me to vote for it depends. I will be calling it a day if we join up to a ESL that poo poos domestic football for the reddys.


Totally agree with your post, but this part is a bit hard on UEFA imo. They really tried to take Man Cheaty to task about their FFP shortcomings. It’s the CAS who showed obvious signs of being corrupt, not UEFA in this instance.


Okay true re CAS - but I’d also argue that UEFA could/should have dealt with it way sooner. They’ve also, in the past, thrown around pitiful fines for breaches of rules haven’t they. Basically, I don’t trust UEFA.

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