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And they missed some absolute sitters!

France 5-0 halftime?

England: hold my beer

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Yes I am really enjoying this woman’s football no rolling around no surrounding the ref excellent so far


Norway aren’t buried yet, they’re just pining for the Fjords.

Hey our old boy JAR!! Oooft he is pissed off!!!

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How the hell did the Dutch let Wiegman go so easily I understand now how they won it the last time round England are a team transformed right now

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Massive statement from England last night, looking forward to seeing them against some of the better sides.

Norway clearly not keeping pace with the fast development in women’s football.

I don’t pay any attention to the super league but watch most of the international tournaments, it is really striking to see the jumps in quality every two or so years.


England, at critical stages of buildup play, made brave choices:

  • passing into teammate about to be put under pressure, trusting her to turn away from pressure or make the right one-touch pass

  • putting the ball into space, trusting their teammates will get there first.

  • passing sharply forward after feinting, when there is a safe pass backwards.

  • turning away from double teams and passing forward.

Completely caught Norway by surprise time and again.

I was very impressed!


I’m just waiting for Phil Neville to complain that he never got the sort of plaudits this performance is receiving.

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I’ve noticed his Inter Miami play in the same way his England did. He’s a rather crap coach.

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But he’s got a binder!

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I particularly enjoyed the first time passing! Very refreshing to see an international side of any gender willing to take risks going forward.


Alright, calm down Mitt.

He spends his time mansplaining everything.

pretty difficult to be a polished league, when 85% of the country is under snow for 4-5 months of the year.

Exactly!! I was always expecting the safe pass given that’s what England men always do and I was pleasantly surprised a number of times! Great eye for passes throughout the midfield.

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I got Iceland vs. France on TV :star_struck:

England vs. Spain
Germany vs. Austria
Sweden vs. Belgium
France vs. Netherlands


Any prediction for this? I think I’d go for England, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands as winners. At this point an England vs Germany final looks to be a distinct possibility. They’ve both been exceptional so far.