Your worst Liverpool experience

So, my post in the Ole thread got me thinking…and this may have been covered on TIA, but it is a brave new world, is it not? Let’s get this going for the TAN.

What is the worst experience you have had watching Liverpool? Live or on the telly, of course. There will obviously be some very significant negative results we have all watched, but which are those experiences that really stick in your mind?

I have mentioned mine before…dot points is better…

  • In Frankfurt for a conference in March 2015
  • Liverpool are hosting Utd, a crucial match in a season that started very poorly, however, we had managed to build a little bit of momentum to push for top 4
  • Pickings near where I was staying were slim to none…could not find anywhere that was showing the game
    *After a significant amount of internet wizardry, I find an Irish pub showing the match (confirmed with a phone call)
  • Said venue is on the other side of town, but I make the trip anyways…it’s Utd at Anfield
  • Finally get there…it’s packed…great
  • Realise it is 95% Utd…bad, very very bad
  • We go in at the half 0-1 after a Mata goal…thank you Alberto Moreno…
  • Rodgers brings on our talisman at HT, Stevie G…watch out you Manc kents
  • Stevie gets a red after 38 secs for stomping on the bloke with the most punchable head in world football, Ander fucking Herrera…honestly surprised it took him 38 secs…
  • We lose 1-2, having never looked likely and generally playing like arse the entire day

God it was shit. Had been looking forward to the game for weeks, those braying deadshits when the ref went to his top pocket are seared into my memory.

Please share. All experiences welcome; this is a safe space, so pour your hearts out. Would particularly love to hear from those of you lucky enough to get to the away games.


On telly: Michael Thomas in 1989
Live: Some twat throwing up on me after a few too many pre-match bevvies.


Jesus…no one wants that at the footy, or anywhere really…hahahaha.

How long into the game?

It was just after Luis Garcia scored our third goal against West Brom at Anfield in 2004. Fortunately, I didn’t catch too much of this guy’s “celebration” but my hair and back stank until I got back to my hotel!

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Being in the Kop when a lot of people around me chanted “You black bastard” at Uriah Rennie. I was about 7 years old at the time so didn’t really understand but looking back that is an obvious low point.


Damn, There’s got to be a whole list of them , not in any order or anyrhing…

Losing owen , that was a backstab to the core , then the stevie slip…you had the kompany freak goal on top of that…

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Yeah…can’t really get more ordinary than that.

and then the whole souness era… and the hodgson era

I probably wasn’t so much into the chants as they would have been tuned off by the tv , though i agree they would be a major fucking shit experience… so i would only comment on things i’ve seen.

FWIW , I always felt Torres leaving us was a blessing in disguise as he was quite clearly done IMO

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1987 league cup final.

Was 13 and being a Southern Liverpool fan, was my first ever game, taken to the game by my dad…my dad was assaulted by a couple of Liverpool fans because we were not scouse.

Was the first and last time he ever took me to a game :sob:


Fecking hell…

That is intense.

Feel really bad for you mate. Things like that leaves a scar for life. :triumph:

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I blame Charlie Nicholas :joy:




Michael Thomas goal at Anfield

Vinny Jones face after Wimbledon FA Cup final

3-3 vs United in the pub, when Ruddock equalised and the Liverpool side went berserk, celebrating…the cold realisation that we were shit and celebrated a draw…


Charlie George 1971, broke a young boys heart

The White Suits final

Ramos assault on Salah

Worst moment at a match:
Amongst Everton fans when Westerveld got red card, and Everton won…

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My personal worst experience…

Leicester away around 99/00.

We were playing awful.

Rained from the moment I woke up

Journey was a nightmare and took forever…still raining.

Got to filbert street - still raining.

Packed into a tiny corner and pelted with coins - still raining.

First half we were abysmal - still raining

Half time started getting cold - still raining

2nd half we were abysmal and in last minute -:can’t remember who was in goal parried a Heskey shot and Cottee tapped in a winner - still raining.

Got in coach on way home and got stuck on motorway due to accident - still raining.

Got back home and got a text from my football mananger saying our Sunday league game was off due to waterlogged pitch…still raining.

Woke up next morning opened curtains and…still raining.

Utterly shit weekend.


still raining , that seems rather england standards


It were deadset glorious this afternoon in Yorkshire.


This morning were gash but…


In retrospect, hillsborough, I have admitted in the past though that at the time it didn’t register what had happened.

I was old enough, that wasn’t an excuse, for some reason it just didn’t ‘click’ until a day or so later.

In modern times two periods spring to mind.

Not specific moments.

When I finally saw that Rafa had run his race at this club, that hurt.

Sometime around the Rodgers decline, I honestly remember not actually giving a fuck… not, hurt, just not caring. It was him, the players we had, the time of life I was at, a whole combination, but I’d literally rather watch playschool than the reds. ( bizxarrely im pretty sure I still posted regularly)


Yep for me too, Michael Thomas in 89, I was so pissed off I launched 3/4 pint at a bint who was taunting outside the pub :worried:


Watching Hillsborough on TV was numbing, it is etched on my mind, where I was, watching on my own. There was a sense of despair, not able to comprehend, not able to empathise.
It had an effect on people oceans apart, and yet we only know a grain of sand compared to the avalanche of emotions those directly effected experienced.