2023 Cricket World Cup

That was such a jinx. Sorry guys.

not Manchester?

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England just needed to set the clock to peak a little earlier like by a fortnight :joy:

Nope. Doesn’t even come close

Can someone merge this thread into the existing Cricket thread ?

I don’t want my predictions to be so easily accessible to people. They damaged me credibility quite a bit. Especially the England one.


Glad I’m not a huge cricket fan.

If this was Liverpool losing , I’d be pissed off for a whole week.


Would have been up in the TIA Hall of Shame.

Regarding Modi, wonder if the broadcasters have instructions not to pan to him pouting. Don’t think they showed him much if at all.


He had a wave about 60 runs back.

Collapse incoming?

Maxwell going out can get all the TV shots now if he hits the winning runs :joy:

Time to turn on the sprinklers.

And he did :joy:

Anyhow time for the fatties at the darts

The memes just keep on flowing.

Absolute respect Punter even in victory for calling out the pitch fixing working against India.

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Can fix pitches but can’t fix the toss.

I’m still shocked about that catch. It’s just like it was meant to land in his hands.

I want to understand the reason why Zamps and Stoino refused to shake hands with Sachin and others from the ICC…

Awwwkward. Pat there by himself… Worst organised trophy handover. Ever.