2023 Cricket World Cup

Predictable as it’s hard to win 11 in a row and unfortunately fucked up the wrong match.

Well done Aussies great effort.



If you look from 2011 onwards, I think a case might well be made that India is the best limited overs side. They just lost / choked the crucial matches.

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The matches that matter determine who is the best though…


Playing the other teams in the top 5 (ICC ODI rankings just before tourny start), it’s:

9W 5L for Australia @ 64.3%

and 8W 4L (1abandoned) for India at 66.7%.

Not much in it at all. Certainly India haven’t been a completely dominant force in ODI WC’s. Managed to only play SA as the only big team in 2015 before running into, and getting knocked out by, Australia.

It’s just a different way of looking at it. Choosing top 5 (there is a very clear points and ranking difference between 5th and 6th in each of these years hence my choice) instead of how much India thrashed a lot of fodder is simply another take on it.