Alexis MAC ALLISTER: 2023/24

First Name: Alexis
Surname: Mac Allister
Squad Number: 10
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B: 24.12.1998.
Town of Birth: Santa Rosa
Country of Birth: Argentina
Nationality: Argentinian


I hope he causes trouble.

World Cup winner, y’know?

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Klopp with a positive update on Mac Allister: “Yeah, knee on knee. He could have played on. So firstly I got the information that it’s too painful, so that was then clear that we will change. There’s no need to push him through. When I spoke afterwards, he said, ‘No, no, I would have been fine.’ But we didn’t want to go [with] any risks. It’s just knee on knee, bruise, that’s it. It was fine."


So relieved it’s minor. When I saw him sitting on the turf gesturing at his knee my first thought was he’d done his ACL


Serious player this. I’m already a big fan.


Was really good yesterday, very impressed.


Yeah I was impressed too. He really pulled the strings in that midfield, which was otherwise a bit meh with Szobozlay not really taking off and Gakpo trying to come to terms with his unusual position. His disruption of opposing attacking moves was brilliant, as well as his quick thinking and passing to set up a counter.

He looks the part for the time being, and I’m looking forward to see more of him in competitive games.

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I think Dom will be ok, I thought he was the better of the two against Bayern.

Fair enough, I only saw highlights from that game.

This last game was the first time Maca seemed to get a lot of plaudits from the fans. It’s probably notable that it’s simply an easier role to stand out in given its one in which you both get more of the ball and more time on it

red card overturned and free to play this w/e i guess


I am surprised.

Not because it deserved a red card, but because the success rate of appeals resembles the court system in North Korea.


Is there any more evidence needed to show Tierney - who I believe was VAR and decided to do nothing - shouldn’t be anywhere near a Liverpool game again?

I would absolutely love a Tierney-specific song sung loud and clear around Anfield next time we get him in any capacity and actually force the referees association to fuck him off from our games.

Please someone make it happen! Klopp would love you!


I would completely agree, but I think I once watched a game that he was refereeing that did not involve Liverpool?

I think he should never be anywhere near a football game again.

“Referees a wanker”?

Notably Tierney nor the ref have been sanctioned.

The referee made a mistake. The VAR made it into a full blown diplomatic incident.