Alexis MAC ALLISTER: 2023/24


I’m not too bothered with the error on the field.

I also don’t from the extended highlights feel he had a bad game. But when he needed help he wasn’t given it.

This is why conversations between ref and VAR needed to be made available but they have been fighting tooth and nail to ensure this doesn’t happen.


The technology was there to overturn the decision. Why are the officials behind the VAR not being punished ?

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Because the end of the day it’s this independent body.

Webb could easily believe that it was the correct decision. It’s not like the penalty where a decision has been identified by the PGMOL.

They could have taken zero action last week. The red card they had to have the “independent” body review it.

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Apparently, FIFA are blocking this at the moment. Howard Webb mentioned this on Gary Lineker’s podcast.

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One word.

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Was always gonna be the case, FA didn’t have a leg to stand on for upholding. Only surprise was we had to appeal in the first place, they should’ve contacted the club immediately after and apologised for that calamity.

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The public review the PGMOL did last year is something they are going to repeat this year, supposedly with 1 a month. I’m skeptical of the value because of how entrenched people already are, but they’ll be interesting especially in the context of what they choose to include.


Agenda of protecting their own.

I’ve seen that with cricket in the DRS teething stage.

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While trying to find rumours I found this….

What, no bag?

He’s too stylish for that.

I wish I had a video focusing on his contribution yesterday. Strikes me as a bit invisible. A variation on Wijnaldum. I noticed some key intervention and touches from him, though. More bang than flash. He seems a big part of why our midfield is now more settled. Next match I want to watch him more closely.

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He is our special-ops guy, doing the difficult in the most candid way.


I think hes done exactly what I expected of him so far - showing himself to be much more of a rounded midfielder than he was able to be at Brighton.

Neat and tidy on the ball, snaps into tackles, presses very well and can play those more difficult passes through a defence. I always argued that it wouldn’t be ideal to have him in those advanced areas because he’s not an intricate passer or creator but from deep he has the time and vision to pick out passes. I’m sure he will play the more advanced role at times - mostly when we think we will have less of the ball and need someone like Endo in the 6 but overall he’s heading towards being a great all around central midfielder for us.

Very astute signing for us, happy to have him.


He’s been good as the ‘6’. Should be fine provided the two 8s get through a lot of work. That didn’t happen against Chelsea, but it did yesterday. Hopefully Gravenberch can perform like Jones and Szoboszlai.

We’ll see how it goes against better opposition, but looks very good so far. His numbers for ball winning are excellent.


This guy is boss. I wonder how wonderful he would be in his more accustomed LCM role.

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Alexis isn’t a natural #6, but he has played 10 games in that role and has done well. He wasn’t good today, specially in the first-half; but who was? Anyone can have a bad game.

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I’m a bit puzzled by the commentator on my TV channel who kept insisting that it was solely Mac Allister to blame for the goal. Van Dijk had perfect overview of the game in front of him and still got him into trouble with that pass - though Mac Allister’s reaction should have been quicker, he was still surrounded by three Brighton players, with two of them closing in behind him and one ultimately robbing him of the ball and scoring.

That said, he seems to possess the same kind of self-confidence like Alcantara when receiving the ball. Always a trick up his sleeve, a change of direction, a drop of the shoulder or simply shielding the ball with his body while turning. I really, really like to see that in a midfielder (I think that Gravenberch might develop that skill in the future, too). He’s probably not quite up to speed here just yet, especially in that no. 6 role, but he seems to be settling in nicely aside from that horror show at Wolves (where he was too tired to start).