An Comhrá na hÉireann - The Ireland Thread!

It’s Bewley’s btw. Spelling it like that makes you sound like an uncouth norf Dubliner. As they used to say in the 80s: “What do you call a north Dubliner in a suit? The defendant.”

And as for the Dart, there used to be an equivalent journey along the south coast past Bray into Wicklow that was very nice.


Ah yeah but the northside is the best side… mind your wallet though! :wink:

Not even northsiders think that! :rofl:

Tourists floored by price of four drinks in Dublin’s Temple Bar

A group of tourists were stunned when they saw the cost of four drinks at Dublin’s Temple Bar this weekend.

Ireland’s capital is popular with visitors from Liverpool and beyond, and one group of tourists were charged €47.70 (around £41) for two pints of Guinness, a vodka with Red Bull, and a pint of Kilkenny. The purchase was made just before 3pm on Easter Sunday, March 31.

The receipt from the Oliver St John Gogarty pub, at the centre of Temple Bar, which states at the bottom there is “live music from 12pm to 1.45am included”, was then shared by Fine Gael councillor Jim Gildea. Cllr Gildea said he was concerned at the impact such prices could have on the tourism industry in Ireland.

Anyone drinking that Kilkenny muck should be overcharged on purpose


I can remember when South Park first came out: my mate and I would go into pubs and say “Oh my God! They’ve Kilkenny!” “You bastards!”

Used to raise a laugh and we often got a free drink out of it.


Luckily humour has evolved since those dark days.

Gogartys has always been the most expensive place in temple bar as priced into every drink is the entertainment.

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Guinness at £19.95 Euros…uff, that is extortionate.

I have added the book of Kells & Dublin Castle to the itinerary.

On another note…my travelling friend is ill in bed & tested positive for Covid. :frowning_face: :pensive: Our trip will be postponed for abit.


It’s €9.95 each. Still an absolute ripoff, but not as bad as €19.95!

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Guinness is roughly £4:48 in an average UK pub

Yeah the price of Guinness at that place…
Not as though they can blame high delivery costs can they :smirk:

Dublin hotel prices are quite expensive but i think you’d rather stay in the centre so anywhere around merrions square,stephens green area is ideal.South of dame street is probably the best place to stay with an array of shops,cafes and museums,but dont be afraid to venture north of the liffey,keep it to during the day though.
If you get the chance,try a walking tour,i hear they’re very good.

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Similar price to most pubs outside of Dublin city centre.

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That average is kept down by Wetherspoon’s prices. You’ll be lucky to find a Guinness for under a fiver in most pubs; it’s £6.10 in my local.

5.50 to 6 euro in most pubs outside of the city centre

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Maybe it’s fate. Maybe you are meant to watch a certain club lift an European trophy :trophy: :innocent:

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Ah it’s kind of like the London\Liverpool argument, London has the money, Liverpool has the soul :yum:

Plenty of beauty spots and kips on both sides of Dublin city, as far as I recall.

But anyway, what would I know, I haven’t lived in Ireland for decades.