An Comhrá na hÉireann - The Ireland Thread!

The Director of Public Prosecutions has appealedthe sentence. This hearing is now before the appeal courts.

Some of the abuse the victim is receiving is horrendous.

Been saying this for almost 10 years.We are at about 14/15k and have been for a long time.I think we should have upped this by about 3k a decade ago just so there was more of a presence on the streets which would act as a deterrent to those gangs of kids beginning to cause trouble with ordinary people which escalated during covid but it also adding to the feeling of lawlessness that has taken over certain areas where Garda presence isn’t so obvious.


I haven’t seen any abuse for the victim thankfully. I am not on twitter, was it on that platform?

This kind of assault has been common in Ireland. Then we get all the right noises being made, solidarity walks and protests but nothing has changed.

This vile piece of pond scum needs jailing the judge who gave passed sentence needs stepping down. The country needs a reset. Our young woman are being assaulted and murdered and nothing is changing.

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The facists are up in arms about one of the proud Irish men been harrangued whilst those unvetted refugees are raping and murdering at will.
And its the girls fault for provoking him and reporting it.

The agenda is set by these absolute thick cunts, and its getting worse.


He’s a scumbag.
Thankfully the decision has been appealed to the DPP.
Could this finally, finally be the one that brings change to our nation? Still lots to be done but this would be a step in the right direction, that violence and intimidation towards Mná Na hÉireann will no longer not be tolerated but also punishable with a severe custodial sentence.

The thing about the DPP appeal is that they are obliged to act if the victim is not reasonably satisfied with the sentence.
The arresting Garda liases with the victim in cases where a question exists over severity or lack of severity in the sentence.

I hadn’t realised that this was standard procedure. I believe in this instance they would have appealed anyway.

The guy is symptomatic of the ails of our society. A scum bag, lauded by scum bags. He needs jail, and to learn how real hard men behave.


I hope its a catalyst for more awareness of violence and more punishment for such acts.
The victim is a brave person, and should be held in the highest esteem.

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Shameful how many brave victims we have had over the years though isn’t it.

I totally agree.
Lavinia Kerwick, Christine Buckley, tragically Ann Lovett. Countless others.

As far as I am concerned the Crotty scumbag sentencing is such a retrograde step in our history, as you pointed out particularly regarding Irish women.

The DPP have put it on the judges. The outcome will be telling.

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Foil, Arms and Hog are brilliant. They were playing Berlin last year but events went against us and we missed it.

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Former Iceland manager.
I think it was the Dun Laoighre branch

Was it the one in Croydon? Thought he looked familiar.