Andre Trindade (DM) Fluminense

Thank you very much, mate!

If I’m reading this correctly, they are not dissimilar, are they? Alcantara seems like a better and more frequent tackler, while Andre seems to have played much more often as a defensive midfielder according to distribution of touches per field thirds. He’s also physically similar to him, hopefully minus the injuries, so I think I can say that I’m sold on idea of buying him in January. :slight_smile:


What impressed me was his passing accuracy. He’s more than just a destroyer.


Before he came to Liverpool, I had thought of Alcantara as a silky playmaker (probably because Bayern were so dominant that he didn’t have to defend, haha). I can’t describe how positively surprised I was to see him get stuck in both on ground and in the air, that aspect of his game is really underrated. It’s a crying shame that we had only about a year and a half of him. Hopefully we get Andre and he rights that wrong.



Fbref is a poor judge on its own - Fabinho, Henderson and Milner (especially) looked pretty good on it last year and we had people claiming Elliot was almost as good as De Bruyne based off Fbref.

That said, Andre still looks clearly better there. Better passing, much better running with the ball and significantly better defensive stats.


I know, I’m just on the wind up. Amrabat has earned himself a place in my FBRef hall of fame with his outrageously unbalanced stats.


I’m guessing Gini is the GOAT of that?

Everything was either 5th or 95th percentile.

Yeah he was always an interesting one. Weirdly Gini was one of the lowest rated in the world at pressing (a stat they have since removed)

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

Alternatively… statistics may be likened to a bikini: what they reveal may be very interesting, but what they conceal is vital.


Missed the first half, second is about to begin he is playing with number 7

He runs a bit strange with short steps. Plays right in front of his two CD.

Calm down, Fergie.


Bit of a hot head but he has some fine interceptions.

Had a shot on goal with his left foot and was quickly back in front of his own goal

1-1 goal from nowhere

You can pass the bal to him with a bloke in his back :+1:

His short passing is good to keep team position

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We are going to extra time, Andre still on the pitch.

Nice goal from the Boca player tbf but why were there 11 Flumi players just standing still allowing him to cut in and strike?

Great goal for Flumi