Anfield and Kirkby

I’ve posted elsewhere that Brian Blessed and his Wife are both Reds. :+1::nerd_face:


Most I knew of, but the 2 that most surprised me were Johnny Vagas and Dre - that one really caught my off guard


Heard recently, keeping myself updated with new videos of the redevelopment, that they will have to cut a piece of the Kenny stand roof after all (obviously for people all the way up in that corner of the new stand to see the whole pitch). Like they did with the Kop and current Annie Road stand. Still hope it will be nicely ‘closed’, somehow.

After all? And they didn’t know this earlier??!

No, we didn’t. On some pics it looks like the roof of Kenny’s stand won’t be touched. It was my question all the time, since I couldn’t get any photo/angle/confirmation since the start. I was interested how we would connect the new ARE stand with Kenny’s stand.


Can’t see them leaving it open to the elements?


This is the finished job.

Lot of work in next 7 month’s

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It looks imposing when you see the game, shame the team is less so.