Are you Snooker Loopy? The Chas & Dave Memorial Snooker Thread

I know there are tonnes of snooker fans on TAN, and I bet all of them have greater knowledge of the game than I do.

Anyways, just watching Judd/Robertson now.

I’ve always wondered…why do they play out when they can’t lose the frame??


Time on the table and more practice boosts confidence.

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Makes perfect sense.

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The player who is behind has to concede the frame. If he doesn’t then play continues



If they’re on a roll then, wouldn’t it be better to deny them that time at the table??

But I guess that maybe sportsmanship is actually still a thing in some corners of the world…

God Trump annoys me. The Judd version too.

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You just made me realise I wrote his first name in the OP…didn’t mean to…


Surely you should edit the thread title in homage to Chas & Dave??? :thinking:

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Missed the final tonight heard it was a bit of attritional maybe I’m the only one who enjoys those types of final.

Yeah…was just reading about it. Fell asleep in the 12th frame. Was a real dog fight.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan battled back from 4-1 down to defeat China’s Li Hang and secure a place in the final of the Scottish Open, where he will face Mark Selby.

That frame just now by Lisowksi was sublime.

What always intrigues me is the opportunities afforded to us to practice cod psychology through snooker’s intimacy and TV capturability.
We seem to know from body language cues immediately when a player is suffering a dip in self-belief. Subjectively, the games I find least interesting involve unflappable players who minimise all the body language down to a set in stone Poker face. The whole of Stephen Hendry’s career was like watching snooker on a black and white TV set. I can see why he did it that way, of course.


I think Snooker is far more interesting now than it was in the 90s, I think O Sullivan is a show apart on his day but he is such an up and down player than it makes his games spectacular even then

In a way, it’s actually a good thing that Ronnie is so unpredictable. If he played to his full ability all the time, he would never lose and that would get very boring after a while.

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Yup, I agree

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O Sullivan v Higgins live masters snooker now .

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Love it:


Impressive comeback?

He lost 5-1 against Matt Selt, I bet the BBC will try and get to show it on the red button.

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