Arsenal vs Liverpool: FA Cup third-round, Sunday January 7, 16:30 BST

I think Klopp will field a full-strength team for this game. I wonder who will fill the right-side attack spot! Alexis to return to the #6 spot.


  1. no injuries
  2. no replay
  3. win

Win always comes first.


Disagree, I’m with German. We want to win the league not the ruddy cups.


If we win, there wouldn’t be any replay :man_shrugging:


Yeah could reorganise 2 and 3. But I suppose the point is if the game is tied late on we would hope we throw caution to the wind rather than playing out a draw.


TAA Quansah VvD Gomez
Elliott Alexis Gravenberch
Doak Gakpo Jota

Not sure if Doak is available but it would be great being able to bring on two senior attackers from bench.

Doak is out for the season

After the last few months I’m just going watch this, if we go out and not embarrassed I’m not too bothered.

With us so far in the League Cup I’m more up for that.


Not arsed about this. Slightly surprisingly, we have much bigger fish to fry this season.


Given we have a nice gap between yesterday and Sunday, and then only 3 days before the LC Semi 1st leg, before a 11 day break, I expect Klopp to name a relatively strong side for Arsenal. Then an even stronger one for the LC 1st leg (try to put that to bed). Like @mattyhurst, given we are so far in the LC that’s what I’d want us to focus on this week.

I always want us to win. Knock Arsenal out and hope we get a an easy next draw - that would suit me. Plus I’m always happy to see Lego head crying.

Ideally, with Mo not being around, we have a good solid performance - wouldn’t want out first game without Mo (and Endo) being a bad one, as that could result in some confidence issues etc. Win big and it’s the ideal boost for the rest of this month. Momentum and all that. We all know a loss and all the jounro’s will have a field day “Mo’s missing blah blah blah”.


When you have a hectic schedule, are still with a chance in all other competitions, have two domestic cup competitions and get Arsenal away in the “first” round of one, it can look hard to motivate ourselves. But luckily we’re not the ones who play. No doubt will take this serious enough, like we should, being a big club.

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Kelleher in goal.
TAA, Quansah, VVD and Gomez
Elliot, MacAllister and Jones
Nunez, Gakpo and Diaz

Arsenal are on a poor run, just get the job done and hope for a kinder draw in 4th Round.

Wtf is a ruddy cup and since when has the FA Cup become one?

We want to win everything we can as always. This is going to be a proper match and Klopp as well as the players will be well up for it.


Will Thiago be able to come from bench or will he be useless all season?

Don’t need him in the league but now we have some domestic cup games where he could help resting the important midfielders in the squad.

Not sure how interested either team will be to proceed.

I reckon a B team lineup from both.

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Arsenal are on a bad run, they are at home and this is their best chance for a trophy. I’m sure they will be more desperate to win it.

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Did somebody say quadruple?


The number of entitled modern fans on this forum is bitterly disappointing.


I’d imagine anything modern is disappointing to a cynicaloldgit.:wink: