Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Kangaroo Cup semi-finals, second-leg, 19:45 Thu 20th January 2022

We go into this match on the back of our first league win in four games. That’s also our second win in the last seven games. Needless to say that we are in a rough patch, but nothing smooth a rough patch than a passage to the final of The Kangaroo Cup. So, let’s get on with it boys.

It’s too early to wager on the fitness of Ox. Shame, he was doing well this season. Origi is running outside, make what you would of that. Matip could be the obvious rotation. But other than that I think there could be a couple more changes otherwise it would be three games in one week for most of the players.

Raise hell, boys; raise hell. YNWA.


Last thing we need but I’m expecting extra time.

Last thing we need is to lose, in whichever way.

Let’s play a serious game and secure the final.

I guess team news could be more or less the same as the last game or two, perhaps we’ll hear what’s up with Ox and in which phase of training is Origi in.

Looking forward to it, can’t wait.


Do away goals count double?

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No. If this ends in a draw (any result) it goes to extra time.

5 subs in the 90. One more in extra time. Could do with any of Ox, Origi or Thiago even if it is just for Extra time.

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Highly doubt Thiago would be available for a game in 3 days if he’s not even in individual training, let alone team training. Origi started running alone last week, so we’ll see where he’s at. And then the question over Ox.

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Finals would be lovely. Will create a positive impact on our next league games as well. Scrappy boring game would do as long as we are through after reaching here. Minamino to make up for his miss and score a hat-trick and then a bicycle kick goal and hopefully I don’t wake up after it.

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It would be seriously embarrassing to be knocked out by Arsenal. They are fucking terrible. Doesn’t matter we’ve got players missing, we should be beating them over two legs. Before the sending off and their bus parking we were much the better team. I’m not expecting this to be easy but I am expecting us to win.


I’m surrounded by arsenal wankers at work just beat the cunts. :laughing:


With Wembley final at stake, we shall go strong in this one. Thus I do not see the likes of Morton or Gordon starting.

Not too many changes due to our options being limited, particularly in midfield and attack. Though I can see Kelleher starting in goal for this one (after all, League Cup is his competition, and Alisson only started last time in goal to regain some rhythm). Matip also played two games last week, so probably stays benched for this one with Konate starting.

Any news on Ox? It would be very welcome if he was available at least for a half on Thursday. Hope Origi can at least make the bench as well. Otherwise we only have four senior midfielders (with Milner unlikely to start) and three forwards at our disposal. Not much of a choice for Klopp, eh?

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Comes naturally to them :slight_smile:

So this time they can field a team…or can they…is it still on, or are they just playing dumb…

This, in big letters.

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Got to the stage now where I hope we rest players in the League and go flat out for the 3 cups… :+1:

Even 2 out of 3 would be amazing…


Yea even I’ll admit we might as well go for this now it’s a one game shoot out to get to the final. Still would like to see players like Williams, Tsmikas, Gomez etc play as I think that is really the point of this competition (to give players who need it game time), and I think they have shown they can be counted on.

Williams-Konate- Gomez-Tsmikas

Fingers crossed Origi can make the bench.

If we don’t win by a Matip dribble and screamer it’s just not worth anything.

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Don’t ask for a screamer from him, he’ll get injured. Rather try and walk in the goal with the ball at his feet.

A dribble is enough, if he doesn’t end up in a wall of players.


I know it probably won’t happen, but given our lack of central midfield options what about giving TAA a run there? It’s not like he doesn’t spend half his time there anyway these days.
Neco at RB.

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0-3 this time!


It really feels like one is on the way