Aurelien Tchouameni (DM/CM) AS Monaco

Quite a lot of news about us being one of the contenders for him. Been a while since we’ve been touted as a destination club.

Don’t see Real Madrid needing him particularly as they haven’t used Camavinga that much either. He’d get plenty of matches in for us (Initially deputing for Fabinho).


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He’s a box-to-box apparently, not a holding player. More of a young Hendo.

But Fab plays FB for Brasil, so what do I know? :wink:

Seen a lot of talk about him and then I wonder, how many have seen 10 matches of Monaco this season?

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He’s absolutely fucking world class and we should be all over this. We have one more year of Thiago, and Milly and Hendo are getting too old. We need to bolster the midfield with world class players that fit what we want to do. This is one of them.


Have you seen 10 matches of Monaco this season though mate?

I’ve watched 9 matches and some highlight videos. Does that count? Can I get a ruling here please?

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to the signature of a top class young player like him.


I watched Tchouameni for France in the Nations League semifinal and final back in October. He came on as a sub in the semifinal and played the full 90 minutes in the final.

My conclusion from such an extended sample is that we should absolutely buy him. He made quite an impression.

8 games short and wrong team. Dutch is a stickler.


Over on’t caf they’ve identified him as the player to solve their longstanding midfield woes. They’re absolutely sick that it appears we will get him. Worth it just to boil their piss, if you ask me.


Just wondering if people actually seen him play over more than YT or that they just repeat what others say

For me the sequence is:

  • Hear about some new French kid who’s supposed to be amazing and be interested but skeptical
  • Watch the standard youtubes and see the talent is clear
  • Take opportunities to watch him when they come up (e.g. France Nations League) and am impressed but still skeptical
  • See we are linked with him and be skeptical of the link, but incredibly excited at the prospect.

Essentially, if you combine our track record of success in the market with the industry hype about him, then a genuine pursuit of him would indicate him as likely a phenomenal player. Skepticism is still warrented, because we dont know how genuine the links are, and if we’re not genuinely after him then his hype is NOT actually supported by interest. But if it all comes together, then…

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Whenever there’s any stories linking a player with us I feel it’s just a smokescreen. :person_shrugging:

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James Pearce.

Could just be misdirection by the club and we sign some other player though

Could be his brother, Aurelien Tchouafew


Get off the stage!!!


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Or maybe go and read the who would you buy thread where he is discussed at length.

He’s a fucking baller talent, but I guess Real Madrid and Chelsea wanting to sign you is a a bad thing…

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Were the 9 games you watched included in the highlight videos? If the answer is yes you are double bubbling and thus over inflating your footballer manager credentials.

Saturday 21st May 20:00 he is playing against Lens, please ensure we get a running 90 minute commentry or you are discredited entirely. I’d say maybe even include a ven diagram for completeness.