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Yes 1200 miles away, I was amazed as well. Watch the videos and you can see the pressure wave. People were out in the street all over the country wondering what it was.

No tsunami here. Few boats sunk in harbour and that was about it.

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In response to London’s warning, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement cited by state newswire RIA Novosti: “The disinformation spread by the UK Foreign Office is yet more evidence that it is Nato countries, foremost the Anglo-Saxons, who are escalating tensions around Ukraine.”

“We call on the Foreign Office to end its provocative activity, stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke,” the ministry added in an apparent dig at UK defence secretary Ben Wallace’s recent speech on Russia and Ukraine’s shared history.

From the FT.

I love Russian ‘diplomacy’ :rofl:

FT also says,

The UK’s late-night statement came at the end of a day when Germany’s naval chief resigned after sparking a diplomatic row by saying that Vladimir Putin should be given the “respect he probably deserves” and claiming that Crimea would never be returned to Ukraine.

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Let’s hope so

Seriously? Why would the innocent need pardoned? And what about those who did all those atrocities?

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that first ferry clip was from last year

Really? Sheesh. Presumably this year was worse?

One of Epstein’s and Randy Andy’s cohorts found hanging in his cell. Wonder who decided to shut him up?

The BBC only references an association with Epstein.

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Probably cause they got a stern ticking off from ma’am about any reference to him being a naughty boy

Yes. She’s been very culpable in the rohingya issues.


Man given genetically modified pig heart dies

I saw this. It wasn’t clear whether his death was due to rejection or complications from his poor health etc.

Worth noting that they have also used pig kidneys as a transplant into a brain dead individual. That appeared to work well for a short time

Sure someone on here will soon start blaming covid vaccinations

Well it was only after I had my covid vaccination that I grew my 3rd testicle, so it stands to reason that it could kill someone with a pig’s heart :rofl:

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