Breaking News Thread

Europe is buying the same russian oil refined in India. It’s not as if they’ve stopped funding Putin either.

of course it’s still flowing. not like the world is going to stop consuming fuel. refineries don’t up/down production, they have a capacity and they stick to it.

good news…


Stories like this give me a little hope for humanity…


??? Why???

Probably due to people being stupid enough to get themselves into such trouble that others have to put their lives at risk to save them?

That would be my guess.

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Rambler says he has ‘a little hope’ suggesting he sees a glimmer of hope for humanity. Unless he mistakenly puts ‘a’ there and it becomes negative :joy:

Wow small margins… What a difference ‘a’ makes

Yes…I guess I am an optimist at heart but it isn’t easy, is it?


Fixed it for ya. If you have enough money, you too can climb Everest unprepared.

A movie came out about this not too long ago, how congested the mountain has become due to thrill-seekers and bucket-listers taking a shot at this killer climb.


Tourism has become a scurge and is even encouraged. It’s the ‘new’ world nightmare!

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if you get a chance, take a look at some of the documentaries about Everest.

Most notable is the amount of waste that is created that the groups leave behind.


I have seen a few and that’s why I gave my original reply to Rambler. Why?
It’s a disgrace and then they rely on an under paid sherpa to get them out a complete abuse. For me it’s the rock bottom of humanity!


I think that what @Rambler was getting at was the Sherpa’s humanity.

Some divvy turns up on his doorstep and wants to tick an ‘achievement’ off his list. The same divvy messes up and is going to die trying to fulfill the achievement. The Sherpa could have just said “Feck it. It’s his own hard luck” and left him there. But he chose to carry him off the mountain and save him.

It was the Sherpa’s humanity that made him do it. :nerd_face:


If I become a multi billionaire, I pledge to make Everest safer and accessible to everyone by building an escalator to the top.

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I don’t get rock climbing or mountaineering, never have. It’s far too dangerous for me.

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A bit like the wee train that goes up Snowdon? I’ve never forgiven my brother for not telling me about that before he dragged me up that bleeding mountain in the pissing rain.

A little bit but at intervals you will be able to get off and enjoy shopping at shopping malls, eat at 3000 f&b options ranging from great Asian food to shitty fish N chips and I pledge to hold the 39th game of the PL at a world class stadium near the peak and the first match will be between Manures and man cheat where I make them play without oxygen tanks

Why not sell great fish and chips, instead of the shitty version?

It exists?

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A daft question. You live in Singapore, maybe that’s why you can’t get decent fish and chips.