Breaking News Thread

This school is situated about two miles from where I live in Belgrade… I can’t get to terms with what happened. Something like this had never happened in these parts before today. What drives a 14-year old to kill nine people and wound six more (one of them critically), almost all of them children…


Aww Nik, we are with you and support you.

I cannot understand it either. I first thought it was in USA, but never in a millions something like this would happen in Belgrade or Europe even. The whole comnunity/country must be in a state of shock with this tragedy.
Something is not right, one needs to look at mental health issues of the youth. Not sure what is going on in their heads of these kids who commit violant acts at school, social media, violant video games, unhappiness at home, being bullied at school.

No, they invaded Crimea in 2014 with eyes on Ukraine. that’s 9 years this has been ongoing. 9years of preparations. they’re not running low on artillery, they’re still launching rockets and bombing cities a year later. you think they’re going to run out?

a crowbar please. He deserves a slow painful death

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Europe is buying the same russian oil refined in India. It’s not as if they’ve stopped funding Putin either.

of course it’s still flowing. not like the world is going to stop consuming fuel. refineries don’t up/down production, they have a capacity and they stick to it.

good news…