Breaking News Thread

I think pundits in general are overpaid and don’t add anything to my enjoyment of football (in fact, they quite often do the opposite).

But as a matter of principle we have to back them on this one.


Last night I was listening to Richard Quest on CNN poo-pooing any idea of a wider banking collapse in the wake of the failure of SVB. The larger institutions were ‘rock solid’ , he opined.

This morning we hear that Credit Suisse has serious problems. I wonder if he’s still as confident now.

Yeah, very different problems in many ways - but the auditors saying there are material weaknesses in their risk management is not exactly reassuring. That is auditor-speak for ‘we don’t know what some of the asset portfolio is actually worth, and neither do they’. In some ways, that is rather more problematic than SVB’s really stupid bet on low risk instruments.


What a monumental idea. Why didn’t we all think of this??? FFS.

Not really breaking news, but oops. The short-term catastrophe could be avoided, but no-one can tell me that this won’t have long-term effects on nature and health.

So much for that super-‘clean’ energy production modus. If given a choice, I’d rather go for a good old-fashioned coal plant over this shit.

Putin indicted by the ICC.


How long until the President of the ICC, Judge Piotr Hofmański, has a tragic falling out of a window accident?

Not a polar bear though are you.

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but what does that MEAN, though? who’s going to arrest him?

Does it not help keep him in Russia though…
Visits to other country’s would put at him at risk of getting lifted maybe

Well he’s not about to be arrested anytime soon but still the indictment is much more than symbolic. It means that he will have this hanging over his head now for the rest of his life , and he might not always be flavour of the month in Russia. Remember also that it took a long long time to get Milosevic in front of the court , but it happened eventually.


New reporting coming out over the weekend that bolsters one of the more accepted and acceptable conspiracy theories among Democrats - Regan intervened in the Iran hostage crisis to prevent them coming home under Carter. It had the double whammy of robbing Carter of a pre-election boost to his perception of competency, while then allowing Regan to get credit for it once it finally on his watch.

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Just came back from two weeks of trip only to find out that my wife has locked me out of the house by going to my parents place the day before and without leaving the keys at the neighbour.

Having to make an extra couple of trips by Cab just to pick the keys go back and then take the car.


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just for context, before i take your side…

did she know you were on a trip, or did you just tell her you were ducking out to get some milk?

And, more to the point, why doesn’t he have his own set of keys? :thinking:

BTW, this should be in the What’s Happening thread. I don’t expect to see @Sithbare on the news tonight, although it would be preferable to seeing that idiot Bozo.

That surprises me @Sithbare going for the keys -
You always seemed like a guy that could take a hint :0)

I figured that he’d be the sort to break in and then hide behind the bedroom curtain and wait for his wife… Never can tell on the internet, heh? :rofl::wink:

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It’s punishment for buying that KFC chicken shit a few weeks ago?