Bundesliga / German NT

Musiala…fuck me…how good is this kid already!!

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Was that the reason for that or did someone just fuck it up, if it is well played :clap:

They did that on purpose.

Doesn’t the German League has four guaranteed place in the Champions League?

Six points separating Bayern (40) and sixth-placed Freiburg (34).


Liked the look of Kolo Muani at the WC. The unreliable thread just reminded me.

Looking at his numbers this season, 12 goals and 13 assists in 27 games. Good stuff.

Watching the German match and a pen was given and they reviewed it for an age, was given in the end but I do feel if you have to spend so long then stick with the onfield.

Was questionable whether it was in and out or whether it fully hit the arm. But once it’s given if it’s going take 8 minutes to decide just accept it.

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Rekordmeister just complicated the Bundesliga top even more.

Gladbach’s 10th win against them in the last decade or so.

In the previous game they drew 0-0 with Bayern when Sommer made 17 saves.

Probably just me but I thought Upamecano was unlucky to get a straight red for that, cuts across behind Plea but the contact is laughable.

Gladbach are a funny team, got some talent especially in attack but one week they’ll beat a Bayern or Dortmund, then the next they’re getting trounced by Hertha and Werder.

This is what you get when you stick Delay Blind in the lineup … :sunglasses:



That was a crazy game

Ref letting Hertha commit foul after foul

Jude comes on and instantly makes a difference in midfield

Dogshit side Bayer, Alonso good for the sack soon.

Err he’s won 6 of his last 9 games.

Sorry miscounted friendlies, considering where the club was heading before he has changed some of that plus the last two are circumstance.

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Lost 4 out his last 5

Yeah let’s sack managers based on 5 games two of which include Dortmund and Monaco and a missed pen against Mainz.

Possible end of a new manager bounce but they are better off then they were before he arrived.

“Forsberg has named Dutch winger Ryan Babel as a player he has looked up to.”

The f*ck? :joy: :man_facepalming:t2:

One of the most random things I’ve heard in football.