Bundesliga / German NT

Not sure any did, still holds a more than respectable record there.

Loss to Gladbach they played virtually the entire game with 10…and at Leverkusen they got done over by 2 pen decisions. Last 8 of CL (tough group with Barca and Inter which they perfected in), QF of the Pokal, I know the cup there is a lot less valuable to them than the FA cup is to Utd/Arsenal/Chelsea etc but come on.

Nagelsmann still has time to earn new chances, improve, mature, become a top tier manager.

He might go back to one of the European clubs in Germany or could see him attracting interest from England.


If I’m him I’d advise he swerves Spurs.

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Touchel what the fuck!!!

Tuchel ist ein :eggplant:


Never forget when Bayern paid a €20m fee to bring in Nagelsmann from Leipzig and now they have to give him a pay off too.

Might turn to Xabi Alonso or Oliver Glasner in the summer if Tuchel doesn’t win the league at least.

I agree with this. I suspect there’s more to this than simply performance.


That’s classless from Bayern.


Yeah; one would expect better from them.


Ah but they don’t increase season tickets by 2% in 8 years so they are the good guys I think according to Twitter numpties.

Tuchel confirmed

Why? They’ve always been a bunch of arrogant arschlöcher.


Tuchel…That’ll be interesting…The managers that seemed to have worked the best for them in the more recent past were these mostly soft-spoken, able to moderate massive egos types - e.g. Hitzfeld, Heynckes, Flick.
Pretty much the opposite of Thomas the Terrible.


But Tuchel does tend to get instant results. Wouldnt surprise me if they were to lift the CL under him. But like Mourinho, his approach very quickly wears thin on the team and it all crashes down. Hes another one of those 3 year managers.

Bayern will prob be snooping around Klopp in a couple of years.

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I’d be surprised if he makes it anywhere near 3 years tbh.
Certainly a lot of risk with these big games coming up. Might pay off, but he could also be damaged before he really gets started.

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Yeah, its a three year max, but agree that he wont even make it that far.

They’ve been snooping around him since he was at Mainz.
No chance.


Interestingly, when you look at how long Ancelotti spent at his clubs…

Reggiana: July 95 - June 96.
Parma: July 96 - June 98.
Juventus: February 99 - June 01.
Milan: November 01 - May 09.
Chelsea: July 09 - May 11.
PSG: December 11 - June 13.
Real: June 13 - May 15.
Bayern: July 16 - September 17.
Napoli: May 18 - December 19.
Everton: December 19 - June 21.
Real: June 21 -

Serial winner yes and universally likeable yes, but apart from Milan, it’s not like he’s been a long time at other clubs.

Think we’re looking too much from Liverpool’s perspective where we had some managers for a longer time than what is the norm at top level football not only these days, but for a while now.

I’m not denying Tuchel maybe has a trait that needs working on, but I’m certainly not surprised he’s still attracting top jobs and probably will do so even if he fails at Bayern.

You don’t want to have your club changing managers like socks like at Chelsea (even if they managed to win often in short-term), but 3 years is actually a lot of time in football these days.

It actually tells us more about how clubs are managed and how football works these days rather than (always) about the manager.


Anyone following Bundesliga and Bayern a bit can’t be surprised at all… :wink: :rofl:

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Some of the reporting is just wild on Nagelsmann’s record;

Nagelsmann has won 60 of his 84 games in charge since taking over in July 2021 but has lifted just one Bundesliga trophy and two German Super Cups across his tenure.

The use of “just” particularly - if he took over in July 2021, he’s got a 100% record in winning the Bundesliga, and he’s 1 point behind Dortmund from retaining it.

Yes, they got embarrassed last year in the DFB Pokal, losing to Gladbach 5-0, but this year they’re still in it, in the QF.

They should have beaten Villareal in last years CL QF - (helped us out massively tbf) and this year they’re still in it, albeit making the final will be a challenge.

All this whilst they’re adjusting to life post Lewadowski.

Leads me to think it’s not just results, but also other things going on behind the scenes.