Bundesliga / German NT

Are we all ready for the big 1 in about half hours time then?

Can’t wait for this 1.

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Qatar :qatar: vs Jordan :jordan: :thinking:

Didn’t even know that was on, it’s finished already? Congrats to Qatar, hattrick of pens :rofl:

Game delayed by a few mins here due to ongoing protests.

They have to clean the pitch, it’s full of Sweets and tennisballs.

Bit of Karneval there :joy:

Well well well, the man on loan from Bayern puts Leverkusen 1 up against them. Bayern back 4 completely go to sleep there.

Leverkusen snapping up Grimaldo on a free was insane business.

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Has anybody seen Kane?

Bayer’s defensive shape is remarkable, know when to drop off, know when yo push up, know where to close off the gaps…

Upamecano with a vital foot in there, otherwise Adli is getting his shot away 1 on 1 with Neuer.

Grimaldoooooo 2:0

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That was a lovely goal.

Genuinely baffling that Eric Dier has found himself starting at CB for Bayern Munich. Talk about falling upwards.

Is Grimaldo the best LB Itw right now? Beautiful give and go and the finish was sumptuous.


Get Xabi.

The end.

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3:0 well done

Any questions about Alonso?

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It was so much like our 4-1 against Chelsea.

Wasn’t Kane breaking all sorts of records in Bundesliga?

Sane really have a slappable face.

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That was a great ending

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Just one: when does he start?


Massive result from them to be fair it’s now there to be won for them.

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Anyone else slightly concerned about BL in Europa?