Bundesliga / German NT

They’re the only team capable of giving us a game if we play to our best.


Not particularly.

I’m more concerned about Tommy Tickle in Munich. They have a history of poaching all the best playing and coaching talent in Germany and if they sack him, could Munich be a tempting offer for Alonso?

That’s a different thing though isn’t it?

I meant that any team which can dismantle Bayern in the Bundesliga are likely to be a formidable obstacle in our quest for the Europa League.

Xabi has always seemed like a decent person and I doubt he’d want to slap Leverkusen in the face by going to Munich. You never know, but it seems out of character.

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It would be an almost tragicomic turn of events if another first-team player moved from Arsenal and won the title in his first season at his new club, while Tottenham’s best ever player, who hasn’t won anything in his career, moved to a club that’s been sweeping everything domestically - and ended up empty-handed. What’s next, Man City going on a double-figure winning run and winning the title ahead of Liverpool?

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That is a fair point, but he is an ex munich player, and relocating within Germany would be a lot easier and straight forward than relocating to UK, so from a family perspective would cause a lot less disruption.

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Stanisic scoring what could turn out to be one of the key goals of the season against Bayern, who are wildly chopping and changing defenders in the transfer market is just… funny and weird at the same time.

Not that Stanisic is of top quality, but yesterday it was a symbol of Bayern’s lack of direction and consistency. Ending up with Eric Dier starting in defence these days, for a side that aspires to win on all fronts.

When you become lazy in your decisions, even domestic dominance can be shaken. Let alone those eternal great ambitions in Europe, which are hard to achieve.

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You can take the boy out of Spurs…

From Benfica. Those pricks charge 1mil. to use their pisser.

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True but his son is a Liverpool fan and seems genuinely happy living here in the past.

I don’t think it’s a massive thing. I can see him staying at Leverkusen another season before that.

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Crazy to see Stuttgart in that picture - almost got relegated 8 months ago. Their three midfielders Angelo Stiller (22), Atakan Karazor (27) and Enzo Millot (21) have zero international caps between them and zero games in European competition. Same goes for many other of their players.

Also the only team in the Top5 leagues with two players on +14 goals (Guirassy and Undav).

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Bayern still has Stuttgart, Dortmund, Leipzig, and Frankfurt to play. Leverkusen has Dortmund and Frankfurt.


Leverkusen and Stuttgart with important wins while Dortmund bottled it again.


You do surprise me :joy:

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They sacked Nagelsmann…for this? Would’ve expected better from the likes of Kahn.

Kane had a 1 on 1 chance to put Bayern 2 up after Musiala played a glorious outside the boot pass on a plate to him and he skied into row z.

What was that protest about?

An potential loss for Bayern is bad news for Thomas Tuchel and by that for us because they need an new manager …

Relax, they only hire dickheads.

Full marks to Luton. They are a handful at home.

They gave it a good go…