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Low or Mourinho to replace Tuchel IMO. I’ve seen Flick being mentioned for a potential return, but he may not fancy tainting his Bayern record.

What about Jürgen

Jürgen Klinsmann

Leverkusen 8 points ahead of Bayern with 12 games to go.

Guess that’s it for Tuchel. It was never going to work out.

Think Flick will be favorite to take over.

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Or Xabi Alonso … :triumph:


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I just don’t see it.

Like I get Madrid or us but I generally think if we go for Alonso he stays or goes to us, in fact that’s the trajectory I feel.

Us - Madrid if he goes this summer.

The Bayern job comes up every few years, Liverpool even Rodgers got 4 years.

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Delighted that Bayern are once again struggling, and really hope Alonso can get his charges over the line. I thought it was finally happening last year, until Dortmund bottled it.

If Bayern do fail to win the league, lols at Harry Kane who went there for that guaranteed league title, for it all to fall apart. Unsurprisingly, hearing he’s not happy in Germany either.

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Maybe he could try his luck at Al Hilal or PSG next… :man_shrugging:

Be hilarious if he went to PSG to replace Mbappe only for Monaco or someone to win it, now that would be some story.

Arsenal should try to get Kane…more chance than them securing Mbappe, plus ex Spurs captain being at Arsenal’s woule be funny.

Wow, this Bundesliga trophy is really Leverkusen’s to lose now… :open_mouth:

This will likely create a new kind of pressure for them, as they are widely seen as the perennial bottlers, and have some genuine history to show up for it (Neverkusen), and it will be very interesting to see how Xabi deals with that new kind of pressure between now and the end of the season.

Will he be the one to finally take that chip off their shoulders? It would be an incredible feat…


Vicekusen :face_with_peeking_eye:

I thought Dortmund were the bottlers.

Might as well hand Leverkusen the title if they appoint Ole as Interim.

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I heard that on TalkShyte this morning, and honestly thought they were trolling their listeners sauggesting the Ole was being considered for the Munich job

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The Bundesliga has floated selling a stake in the league to a private investment firm.

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They heard Ole was taking over :joy:

Confirmed. Tuchel leaving Bayern at the end of the season.

Let’s hope he’s leaving football altogether and taking up something more suited to his personality, like tax collecting.

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