Calvin Ramsay (RB) Aberdeen


Has anyone actually seen this guy play 10 full games?

Is he a better crosser than Robbo? etc etc

All jokes aside, I’m always happy for us to take a punt on young British talent. We’ve had some cracking Scots play for us; hopefully this lad will be another.


Watch is hard, I usually have Scottish football on in the background when reading

Scotland and young full backs at the moment.

Patterson, Hickey, Ramsay, Maxwell…

Don’t know if any of them are any good, I guess only time will tell.

Love having Scots in our team

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I’d prefer it if they didn’t hold, especially in our penalty area.


This is by the by obviously, but in my FM Liverpool campaign a year or so ago, I did actually sign this kid to backup Trent…


Was he then playing well on FM? Might want to pass the info to Kloppo in any case.

Had the most assists of any teenage defender in world football up until January and was also the fourth highest for assists out of all teenager’s in world football as well. Tells you why Liverpool want him

He was really good (and cheap) for his age!

Honest Q - in FM or RL???

Real life


Are we keeping him next season or loaning him out?

We will definitely keep him (if we do sign him). Neco would be sold and Bradley will be sent on loan.

Probably depends on what Klopp thinks about Gomez and Milner as that right back option.

Gomez certainly seemed to be a decent deputy when needed but then will he stay or not?

I don’t think Milner is an option there anymore, he was far better in CM and worries me at right back.

If he is bought Neco is gone no doubt.

Hope he has some ‘end product’ unlike our current full backs


Yeah, this could happen.

Bradley out on loan, Ramsay in and around the first team at Liverpool, but in some games or periods of the season if we judge that either Gomez or Milner are a better option, then they can be used as well.

Robo on the left Ramo on the right.

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I think Neco is going anyway, regardless of signing Ramsey.