Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2022/23

Might be easier than you think…

I’m not talking about quality, I’m talking about the opportunities to prove it, and whether that may be enough, especially to trump tropes that might persist in football thinking regardless of their actual basis in reality.

This lad is a really good goalie, and I can see him take Alli’s mantle as number 1 eventually.

If I was the club, I’d offer him a good contract, which he deserves, and guarantee him every minute in both cup competitions, including the finals. That way, he could still develop while being at the club (24 is still a young age for a goalie). And make an assessment in, say, two years again.

And if I was Caoimhin, I’d stay put and wait for my chance. Injuries happen, Alli can be out of form at some point, who knows… yes, he is now at a stage where he can pretend to be nr. 1 at a club like Southampton, Brentford or the likes. But he’ll hardly land himself a top job at the moment.

In the meantime, let’s see how things evolve. If a super offer from a big club comes in for him, then it’ll still be time to make a decision.

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I’m not sure I agree with that. I think the biggest block to him landing at a top six side is that we won’t sell him to them.

He might have to take a step down to take a step back up, but if he plays to what he’s shown with us, he should be back at the top level.

Thinking about it, I reckon the biggest problem for him a level down is that it’s a different kind of goalkeeping. There is a big difference between being able to stroke it around at the back with ball playing centre backs, and going to Southampton and getting peppered with shots, and all these pricks are telling you to launch it.

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That’s all a bit hearsay isn’t it.

Throw in the fact the last time Pearce had any actual contact was when Rodgers was in charge.

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I still can’t figure out why LFC don’t sit down with him and tie him down to a long deal (8 years), then send him out on loan for 3-4 years with a view to him taking the #1 shirt when Ali moves on. Win win.

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Because they are too busy renewing Milner’s contract every season.

That takes about 5 minutes in May.


He’ll end up as a second goalkeeper at a PL midtable team like Danny Ward.

Hype was the same.

And yet the only person here evaluating his ability based on the level of hype around him seems to be you.


Ward is Leicester’s starting goalkeeper.

You take this “no sacred cows” thing too seriously.

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As much as it might seem to contradict my next post, wasn’t he a part of their initial struggles this season? I seem to recall reading that he simply wasn’t up to the standards they needed?

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Took him 4 years.

I see where you’re coming from, but I think Kelleher has already shown much more than Ward did at this stage. Definitely has more games for us, and shown more in those games, including winning us trophies.

EDIT: Not to mention, he’s also still younger than Ward was at the point where we were reportedly considering keeping him as a backup.

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You said “end up” not “start out”.

Ward has ended up as a starting PL goalkeeper.

So Gakpo and Kelleher out.:neutral_face:


Danny Ward was overhyped. Kelleher has proved to be a very talented keeper.

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